December 9, 2019

5 Ways to Boost Engagement in your Business Website

A website without traffic is similar to having an office without customers. If you can’t drive customers to your business then your sole purpose for the existence of business goes missing. So, your customer’s interaction on the website is as important as your website’s visibility on the search engines.With a website, you only have 8 to 10 seconds to impress your customers. If you fail to do that, you miss the profitable leads for your business. And who wants to do that?So, if you have a website, but aren’t gaining traction, here are 5 important ways to boost engagement on your website.

  1. Start with a Welcoming Home PageIn 2020

There will be no space for a home page that’s overwhelmed with content and design. The minimalism is the trend that will drive better results, meaning less is more. So, go with a home page that follows minimalism and carries the white spaces. If you own a product, highlight the best selling features of the product, use compelling headlines and images that capture the visitors' attention. Instead of writing long paragraphs, break your content into bullets and share your customer stories. That’s the bestselling point because when your customers will come to know that your product is creating an impact, they will connect more to you and it will also increase the website traffic.

2. Live Chat Feature

The live chat feature on the website turns attractive for customers and beneficial for the business. It helps customers in fulfilling their objectives and gaining the information from the business especially when the business is ecommerce.For instance, a customer comes to your web design Bahrain, he’s attracted by the design but wants to learn more about the prices. So, with a live chat feature, he’ll connect directly to you and resolve his queries. Secondly, it helps to collect the customers' data so you can better function their request and make offers that resemble their interest.

3. Social Media Plugins Being available on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram show the customers that you are conscious about your digital presence. It also helps your content marketing strategy and sounds great in attracting customers through social platforms.In addition, it also makes your content shareable especially when you have a blogging section on your website. Plus, a good number of social following on these channels shows customers that your brand has a weight. And Google also gives preference to the websites or blogs with a maximum number of shares. A piece of much-needed advice to boost your website presence online.

4. Adopt to your Customer’s Behaviour Use Google Analytics, customer surveys or polls to know the interest of your customers. When you know the source from where you’re gaining the maximum traffic on your website, you can work more on it to increase the traffic flow.    With Google Analytics, you can know the performance of your landing pages, the behavior of customers on your site and the strengths and weaknesses of your content. And when you know the insights, you can come up with better results. You can also use surveys to know what customers are expecting from you and the polls also add in knowing the customer’s behavior.

5. Rewards or Incentives Free subscriptions or a short trial is a great way to attract customers to your website. It impacts your sales funnel and increase traffic to your site. Take this example of Ahrefs marketing tool who despite being so popular, offers a 7 day free trial to their customers.  Praising customers for their engagement on your site lets them show more engagement and loyalty to your website. You can also entice them by offering discounts and promotions on your website. Time to go ahead and offer your customers something amazing to increase your brand following.  Conclusion: Do you like these top five tips to boost customer’s engagement on your website? If you have a better idea, feel free to drop in the comments below. Remember, your website is the backbone of your business, you need to invest your time on it to make it worth the customers' visit.