April 16, 2020

Sodium Aluminium Phosphate Market Demand & Growth Analysis with Forecast up to 2028

The food sector is witnessing an amplifying growth, which includes a diversified product portfolio including baked goods, ready-to-bake and frozen baked goods. The bakery products are observing a lucrative demand which is further escalating the market for the ingredients which goes into the making of these products. Sodium aluminium phosphate is one such additive which finds application in baked products like bread, cakes, rolls, pies, and others; along with other confectionery products, tortillas, cheese, cake mixes, and others. Sodium aluminium phosphate is an odorless white powder which acts as a leavening agent in the products, it is used as an acid for baking powders for the process of leavening the baked goods and other products. Leavening is a process of making the batter/dough/mix of the food products light, tender and soft using a leavening agent. The leavening agent like sodium aluminium phosphate release gases which causes foaming of baked goods and enhance the texture and flavor of the food products. Besides, leavening agent, sodium aluminium phosphate also acts as dough strengthening and conditioning agent, pH control agent, and acidulant in different food products. Sodium aluminum phosphate is available in two formats acidic and basic, acidic sodium aluminum phosphate finds application in baked goods whereas primary sodium aluminium phosphate is mainly used in cheese preparation.

Increasing Market for Baked Goods, Driving the Growth for Sodium Aluminium Phosphate

The market for sodium aluminium phosphate is anticipated to witness a profitable growth over the forecast years. The increasing demand for processed food, baked products, and confectionery is expected to drive the growth of sodium aluminium phosphate market. The growing urbanization and disposable income of the consumers are resulting in good market prospects for convenient, comfortable, and ready to eat food options. The growing demand for these products is, in turn, fuelling the market for the ingredients and additives used in the preparation of these products. Sodium aluminium phosphate due to its leavening property and texture enhancing quality are used in these products and thus is also experiencing profitable market growth. Besides, with an increase in the cultures of hotel, cafes, and restaurants, the demand for convenient and ready to eat products is also fuelling which is further opening the doors for the sodium aluminum phosphate. Also, the increasing market for frozen bakery products is further boosting the demand for sodium aluminium phosphate.

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Global Sodium Aluminium Phosphate: Key Players

Some of the major players of sodium aluminium phosphate market include: Prayon S.A., Foodchem International Corporation, Shandong Bangye Co Ltd, Innophos, Inc., Xuzhou Zexin Phosphates Co.,Ltd, IPS-Ingredis, Bragan Chemicals (Pty) Ltd

Opportunities for Market Participants:

The market for sodium aluminium phosphate is witnessing an escalating growth in both developed and developing economies. The regions like North America and Europe have a well-established market for sodium aluminium phosphate; however, regions like the Asia Pacific have a strong market opportunity for sodium aluminium phosphate. The Asia Pacific is a developing region and thus offers strong growth opportunity for the compound due to blooming processed food industry and bakery industry. Also, the increasing per capita income of the consumers along with the increasing standards of living have made the growth of baked goods, confectionery, processed foods, ready to eat meal, and others to witness a fuelling growth. Hence, the sodium aluminium phosphate is observing good demand from these regions.

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