March 16, 2020

Flaked Shortenings Market Analysis and Value Forecast Snapshot by End-use Industry 2019-2027

Market Outlook

Shortenings are edible fat which is solid at room temperature. It can be solid or liquid. Solid shortenings are recommended for the use in pastries, bread, and pie crusts whereas liquid shortenings are mainly used in cakes. Shortenings are made from vegetable oils as well as animal fats, but these days shortenings which is made from hydrogenated vegetable oils are most common in the market. They are made from cottonseed, soybean or refined palm oil.

Flaked shortenings have become the global demand as it is used in bakery and confectionary products. The growing trend of health and fitness has a major impact on the flaked shortenings market. Flaked shortenings are prepared from vegetable oils as well as animal fats. As we all know, fat is one of the essential nutrients for the human body as it provides energy, carry vitamins, provide structural support to cells, and perform other biological functions. Flaked shortenings evenly get mixed with dough or other components, due to which fats get evenly spread. Flaked shortenings increase the formation of thin crisp fragments in baked products and can also be used with other combinations of shortenings. The significant feature of flaked shortenings is to conduct dry mix applications. It is also beneficial for those who have problems with animal-derived products or are vegans because its source is both plant and animal. Flaked shortenings are available in different flavors in the market such as vanilla, strawberry, orange, and others. The demand for flaked shortenings that are prepared from vegetable oil is increasing because of the increase in the number of vegans.

Increasing Demand for Bakery product Anticipated to Boost the Flaked Shortenings market.

Due to the increase in the number of bakery and confectionary product consumers, the demand for the flaked shortenings is increasing globally. Asia followed by Europe has the largest market demand for bakery products hence the demand for flaked shortenings is higher in this region. Due to the increase in the vegan population the market for plant-derived flaked shortenings is anticipated to grow in the America and the Asia Pacific region.

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Global Flaked Shortenings: Key Players

The global flaked shortenings market is evolving due to the increase in the number of bakery product consumers. Manufacturers of flaked shortenings are also focusing on vegan flaked shortenings, due to the increasing number of vegans. Some of the global key manufacturers of flaked shortenings are AAK AB, Bunge Limited, Cargill. Except them, more industrialists and manufacturers are showing a keen interest in the flaked shortenings because of the growing market demand due to the increase in the number of bakery product consumers.

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Opportunities for Market Participants:

The growing number of bakery product consumers is the key factor in escalating the demand for the flaked shortenings. The bakery products which are mostly available in the market are prepared from both plant and animal-derived flaked shortenings. As the number of vegans is increasing these days, so the manufacturers should focus on plant-derived flaked shortenings. Manufacturers should also focus on fat content in the flaked shortenings because these flakes shortening have a very high amount of fat and cholesterol. Few companies have started manufacturing the fat-free flaked shortenings which are highly preferred by the consumers. Due to the increase in awareness about health and fitness among consumers, the demand for fat-free flaked shortenings is very high. New and existing players have a good opportunity, as they can advertise their product by providing an adequate awareness of the product like its fat-free nature, its number of end uses. By considering these factors, the market demand for flaked shortenings is anticipated to grow in the forecast period.