Pet Snacks & Treats Market Set for Rapid Growth And Trend, by 2027

Pet foods are specialized food comprising plant or animal material. The market for the same is segmented as pet snacks, treats, and beverages. Pet snacks usually referred for intake nutrition, with high-quality ingredients. While treats referred as a tool to the reinforcement of positive behavior in pets. Beverages likely to be referred as liquid consumables to satisfy thirst. Pet snacks usually consist of baked products like biscuits, dried vegetables or fruits, and roasted grains. Treats usually consist of jerky, dental chews and others. Being proactive, owner requires more variety of snacks and treats drive market growth and competition. Increased pet humanization and adoption drive the global market forecasted with a positive growth rate. Increased number of nuclear families having pets as a family member creating more demand for pet food products.

Pet Snacks and Treats Market Segmentation

Pet snacks and treats are basically segmented on the basis of product type, product form, animal type, and distribution channels. Segmentation by product type includes eatable and chewable product. Snack products are mostly eatable, while treats are both eatable and chewable. Among these eatable segment dominates the market in terms of volume. Further segmentation by animal type includes dogs, cats, birds, aquatic animals and others. Products like jerky are offered by the manufacturer for dogs and cats both. While Fillets and grain holders are offered for birds. Similarly, dried products like vegetables, fruits, small fishes, and plankton are offered for aquatic animals. Among all of these, dog segment dominated the market due to more preference for dogs during pet adoption, followed by cat segment. It can also be segmented on the Basis of product form includes dry, wet, powdered, and others. Among all of these dry product segment drive major share in terms of volume. Segmentation can also be done by distribution channels includes specialty outlet, supermarkets, pharmaceutical retail, pet shops and online retailing. Among all of these, the supermarket segment is the leading distribution channel in the market.

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Segmentation can also be done on the basis of geographical regions includes seven major regions – North America, Western Europe, Asia-Pacific Excluding Japan (APEJ), Japan, Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Middle East & Africa (MEA). Among all of these regions, North America market is expected to represents positive growth in terms of mass consumption over the forecast period. Meanwhile some regions of Europe, Asia-pacific, and Japan is expected to represent continuous growth in terms of pet adoption over the forecast period.

Pet Snacks and Treats Market Drivers and Trends

Improving financial conditions and changing consumer behavior towards pet has brought a noticeable shift among people towards pet healthcare and wellness. Increasing acceptance for pet adoption in the high-income group along with the middle-income group is expected to drive an expansion of the market. Online retailing, media advertisement is expected to be an emerging distribution channel. Lack of awareness regarding proper usage of chewable treats leads to improper dental care. So owner consulting vet suggested to adopt products with additional benefit through innovative dental care like rawhide chewable which are easy to consume. Allergies with active ingredients expected to be a restraint for the market. Due to regulatory issues and laws related pet adoption is expected to restraint the market in near future.


Pet Snacks and Treats Market Key Players

Some of the major players operating in Pet Snacks and Treats Market includes Mars Petcare, Nestlà Purina PetCare, P&G Pet Care, Hill's Pet Nutrition, Del Monte Pet Products, Nutriara Alimentos Ltda, InVivo NSA, Debifu Pet Products Co. Ltd, Diamond Pet Foods, J.M.Smucker (Big Heart), Royal Canin, Agrolimen Sa etc. Among all of these, Nestlà Purina is expected to be a dominating player in the market. Other key players in pet snacks & treats market are focused on high R&D to develop high quality of products with a more application scope.

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