January 23, 2020

Grain preservatives Market : Global Market Size, Growth, Trends and 2027 Forecast Report

Market Outlook

Grain preservatives are an efficient and better way of protecting crops that are miserable to damage and loss, they help in protecting the crops from the effects of pests and rodents that are responsible for the destruction of one-third of the crops that are produced. Grain preservatives are a perfect and by far the best alternative for the damage that we are facing due to the heavy loss of grains in the world, According to an estimation done by U.S. National Library of Medicine and National Institute of health around, 50-60% of cereal grains are lost during the storage stage due to the lack of proper space, storage pattern or technical inefficiency. To reduce this loss the scientist way of storing these grains were adapted which helped to reduce only 1-2% out of the 50-60% of loss produced, then after deep research the grain preservative was found out, which was made by combining certain kinds of chemicals, and now the big manufacturers are searching for new ways as to how the number of chemicals can be replaced by something natural, affordable and free from any health-related issues, so, they are spending their huge chunks in the grain preservative R&D, to find out such products.

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Increasing Demand for Grain Preservatives Due To the Increasing Loss of Grains across the Globe

Grain Preservatives is a necessity of the hour as, the world population is increasing the, so, as the demand for food. Which can be fulfilled either by growing or producing more food or decreasing the amount of waste produced from the food, which can be achieved through the usage of grain preservative, so, mainly the regions in Europe and Asia-Pacific are at the prime focus as the major amount of food produced in regions are lost due to the pest and rodents.

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Global Grain Preservatives: Key Players

The global Grain Preservatives market is increasing because the population of the world is increasing at a very higher pace and to satisfy the hunger of such huge populations the loss of products due to the action of the atmosphere, moisture, pests, and rodents should be taken care of. Some of the global key manufacturers and suppliers of Grain Preservatives are- Shree Evid Sons, Borregaard LignoTech, Paragon Chemical Technologies, Inc., Kelvin Cave Ltd., Kemin Industries, Inc., Manna Foods, Quimser, S.A., Food For Life, Heather Web Design, EDME, HEINEKEN, and Doves Farm Foods Ltd. Except them, more industrialists and manufacturers are showing a keen interest in the Grain Preservatives market as the countries are not able to bear the loss of grains at such large extent.