September 24, 2019

Everything You Want to Know About the Global Poultry Premix Market

Poultry Premix: Market outlook

Poultry is a crucial element in global food production. The success and growth of the poultry industry are driven by improved production efficiency standards, a high degree of vertical integration, and automated processing, coupled with changing consumer eating habits and successful marketing strategies. The highest proportion of manufactured feed is consumed by poultry, among all the livestock species. To increase the efficiency and efficacy of the poultry, the manufacturers operating in the animal and livestock industry are focusing on the formulation and development of poultry nutrition products. Poultry premix is a mixture of nutrients, medicaments, supplements, trace minerals, carriers, diluents, and other additives. Poultry premix is rich in micro-ingredients, which are potential in increasing the effectiveness of feed for poultry and is also responsible for enhancing the productivity and quality of the poultry. Poultry premix market is anticipated to witness a growing demand owing to the increasing awareness among consumers regarding the quality of poultry product and the increasing demand for manufacturers to increase the productivity of poultry.

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Growing Demand for Poultry Meet and Increasing Innovation in Animal Feed Industry is Boosting the Demand for Poultry Premix

The dynamics of the poultry industry is continuously changing, witnessing robust growth and development. The increasing demand for poultry is being driven by the changing consumers eating habit and growing preference for white meat relative to red meat due to health concerns associated with its consumption. Furthermore, today’s consumers are getting more and more aware of the quality of products they use; hence, consumers demand superior quality product. Poultry premix is feed additives, which are a mixture of various micronutrients that aims at providing poultry animals’ proper nourishment and nutrition. Food premix helps poultry animals to have more productivity and efficiency, which allows in a superior quality end product for the consumers. Also, the manufacturers operating in the poultry industry are exceedingly using food premix to upscale their production capabilities. The increasing research and development activities by big animal feed and poultry premix manufacturers is leading to innovations in the feed industry, with development of an advance product with different ingredients and formulations, and the manufacturers are aiming to provide poultry industry with top-notch fortified products. Poultry premix manufacturers are also focusing on customization of premix as per the requirement of consumer/client. The customized poultry premix is gaining traction of different users as they are altered explicitly according to their product specification and demand.

Global Poultry Premix: Key Players

Some the key players operating their business in the global poultry premix market are Cargill Incorporated, Nutra Blend, Koninklijke DSM NV, Archer-Daniels-Midland Co, Nutreco Holding N.V., and DLG Group, among others

  • In 2019, Archer-Daniels-Midland Co, acquired Neovia, a global provider of value-added animal nutrition solutions, enabling ADM to expand in three continents and ownership of diversified product portfolio including poultry premix.

Opportunities for Poultry Premix Market Participants:

Increasing consumption of poultry meat by the consumers has led to the increasing production of poultry across the globe; however, the rapid growth in the consumption of poultry meat has led manufacturers to turn towards methods to increase the productivity and efficiency of their livestock. The manufacturers are thus relying on advanced poultry premix to upscale their production volume. North America is anticipated to account for maximum market share for the poultry premix market owing to the increasing consumer awareness regarding the quality of meat and its effect of consumption. Besides, intensive research and development activities backing the animal feed industry is leading to strong market prospects for poultry premix in North America. Furthermore, the sales for poultry premix is expected to fuel in Europe owing to the increasing per capita consumption of poultry meat by the consumers. Hence, poultry premix is expected to witness strong growth over the forecast period.