March 12, 2020

Lecithin Rich Flours Market Anticipated to Witness a Proliferating Growth Over the Forecast 2019-2027

Lecithin Rich Flours Market outlook

Lecithin is basically a fat that is necessary for the cells of the body. It occurs naturally in many foods such as sun flower seeds, soy bean and others. Lecithin is usually taken as a medicine and is used in the manufacturing of the medicines as well. It is also used as an emulsifier and as a lubricant when it is added to food and it also has uses as a flavor protector and as an antioxidant. Lecithin is widely added in powders and flours these days. Lecithin rich flours are mainly available as lecithinated soy flour and lecithin increases its dispersibility and imparts emulsifying properties to the flour. It is reported in a study that lecithin rich ingredients can partially replace other expensive, natural food emulsifying ingredients such as milk powder and whole egg. This will further result in a large savings of the cost for ingredients. Although, lecithin is largely used as an additive, lecithin flours are not very popular till date. Perhaps, extensive research and introduction of other lecithin rich flours might bare fruitful results.

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Increasing Healthcare Awareness Could Drive Lecithin Rich Flours Market

Considering the health benefits of lecithin such as heart health improvement and lowering down

Cholesterol levels, curing the ulcers and others, lecithin flour market can be driven significantly. Asia-Pacific region has a prominent hold over Lecithin rich flour market till now due to highly developed industries, well- developed economy, health conscious population and others.

Lecithin Rich Flour Market: Key Players

The lecithin rich flour market could escalate due to the rising awareness about healthy living, maintaining heart health and others. China marks its significant share in lecithin flour market due to well-developed industries and well-established economy.

Some of the key players in lecithin flour market are Tianjin Hexiyuan Lecithin Technology Co ltd., Jiangsu Chenwei Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and others.

The lecithin rich flour market is still flourishing and is anticipated to attract more manufacturers towards its processing as the health awareness increases more significantly. Although other products of lecithin are very popular in the food industry, lecithin rich flour are still at a developing stage and is anticipated to attract more manufacturers in the near future.

Opportunities for Market Participants:

The growing number of patients with Cardio vascular diseases can be one of the driving factors in boosting the Lecithin rich flours market. According to a WHO report, 17 million people die of cardio vascular diseases every year. Lecithin is said to lower down the cholesterol and if its use is included in the daily diet, it might combat various health problems. Moreover, soya lecithin flour is by far the cheapest as far as the other products containing soya lecithin are concerned. Lecithin soya flour is completely natural.