March 16, 2020

Orange Albedo Market Revenue, Opportunity, Segment and Key Trends 2019-2027

Market Outlook

The demand for orange albedo is increasing tremendously among the consumers across the globe as it is a rich source of carbohydrate, fiber, and vitamin C. The pre-assumed waste part of the fruit is now known to be blessed with more fibers, vitamins, calcium and flavonoids than the fruit itself. These hidden nutritional benefits of the orange albedo has anticipated to drive its market in the fourth coming period. Orange Albedo has a wide application in nutraceuticals, cosmetic and dietary supplements market. The end use of orange albedo in jams and ketchup industries has provided an alternative way to consumers who are trying to shift into the vegan and fitness category as they are plant-based and are highly fibrous. Apart, from this, they add a unique flavor to the food. The reason why the orange albedo market has the potential to grow in the coming period is the uncountable health benefits, its cost effective and biodegradable nature. Orange albedo has a sum-up of all the qualities than an industrialist would look upon before investing. The orange albedo market is still in its developmental stage and industrialists are spending their big chunks in R&D to find any innovations in the orange albedo market.

Increasing Demand for Orange Albedo Owing to its Diversified Benefits in all Sectors

According to the United States Department of Agricultural in Feb 2019, the global orange production is expected to grow to 51.8 million owing to the favorable climatic conditions in Brazil and The U.S. which makes these regions the key contributors for orange albedo market. Also, potential growth is expected in the South-Asia region as the orange as a fruit has evolved from that region. North America will also contribute to the orange albedo market as Americans are shifting towards vegan diet so, it could be a best alternative for them in burgers in place of mayonnaise and other dairy sauces.

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Global Orange Albedo: Key Players

The global orange albedo market is increasing because of its unique and organic flavor. Its fat and cholesterol free nature help attract consumers of all age groups as well the health conscious ones. Many industrialists and manufacturers are showing a keen interest in the orange albedo as the demand for the organic products are increasing owing to the increase in the number of health-conscious population.

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Opportunities for Market Participants:

The increasing demand for organic, no fat and cholesterol-free products are increasing tremendously among the consumers owing to the growth in the orange albedo market. It is market that the orange albedo contains more fiber, carbohydrates, calcium and additional vitamins like A, B whereas, the pulp only contains vitamin C. As, it is rich in fiber it offers industries a prospect to cultivate new formulations of fiber-rich functional foods. Its anti-cancerous property which is still in R&D phase will help it to build opportunity for new as well as existing players. The investors can advertise their product with claims like 100% organic, fat and cholesterol free. And, as consumers interest towards the organic is increasing at a very rapid rate this orange albedo market is expected to grow positively during the forecast period.

  • According to Economic Research Service, USDA in Feb 2017 concluded that the global organic market was $90 billion in 2016 where the U.S. was at lead followed by Europe and China. Hence, the orange albedo market has a fair chance to grow in North America, Europe, and Asia –Pacific region. Also, Latin America can be preferred by investors because of its global orange production in Brazil.