September 24, 2019

Calf Milk Replacer Market Size & Share to See Modest Growth Through 2027

Market Outlook

Calf milk replacer is providing a convenient way to feed pre-ruminant calves. The calf milk replacer is formulated with quality ingredients which include fat, protein and other nutritive ingredients including additives. Calf milk replacer contains less fat than whole milk and is enriched with minerals, vitamins, and other nutritional elements. Calf milk replacer is available in liquid and powder forms, the availability of the product in powder form makes it easy for use. The powdered form can be easily mixed with water or whole milk prior to feeding and can be stored for a long period. The milk calf replacer offers a longer shelf life in comparison to whole milk.

Globally the calf milk replacer has been witnessing continued growth since last few years. Growing awareness among the dairy farmers regarding the potential of product is driving the market of calf milk replacer. The manufacturers of calf milk replacer are designing products to support the enteric and overall health of the calf during the early days of life. The calf milk replacer market is expected to demonstrate an exceptional CAGR while achieving rapid growth in the market over the forecast period.

Calf Milk Replacer is expected to Gain Traction in Nutraceuticals

The calf milk replacer is less expensive as compared to whole cow’s milk resulting in higher growth rates of the market. The manufacturers are investing in research and development to develop technologies to provide products to support gut health and boost immunity. The calf milk replacer is providing digestible proteins, fortified vitamins, organic selenium for optimal absorption and utilization and essential trace minerals.

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A young calf can grow well when reared on milk replacer and their rumens can develop just as well as they would on a diet of whole milk. The calf milk replacers are also helpful for avoiding the risk of digestive upsets and scours. It also reduces the risk of disease transfer from cow to calf. The calf milk replacers are best suited for automated calf feeding systems. Increasing awareness, prosperity, enormous purchasing power and the consolidated nature of the animal products industry is the major driver of the market demand. The global rise in the consumption of animal products is positively influencing the growth of the calf milk replacer market.

Calf Milk Replacer Market: Key Players

Cargill Inc., Lactalis Group, Land O’lakes, Inc., Archer Daniels Midland Company, Frieslandcampina, Roquette Frères, Glanbia PLC, Bewital Agri GmbH & Company Kg, Chr Hansen Inc., Sonac, Lactalis Group and others. More regional players are expected to enter the market of milk calf replacer, making the market more competitive over the forecast period.