March 3, 2020

Dehydrated Green Beans Market to grow at CAGR of 4.5% during 2018-2027

Dehydrated Green Beans Market: Gains Hit New Records as ‘Dried & Dehydrated’ Emerges as the New Nutritional Buzz

A new research report published by Transparency Market Research (TMR) finds that sales of dehydrated green beans exceeded 762,000 MT in 2018, and are estimated to grow by over 3% Y-O-Y in 2019. Growing demand for dehydrated green beans can be attributed to a group of broad factors, including positive consumer perception of dehydrated foods and pervasive trend of ‘ready-to-eat’ consumption. Growing appetite for seasonal legumes and foods with longer shelf-life is likely to underpin sales of dehydrated green beans through 2027.

“Increasing number of consumers are moving away from gluten-inclusive diets and transitioning toward healthier alternatives, such as dehydrated green beans, thereby paving lucrative grounds for consumption of dehydrated green beans. The study opines that sales of dehydrated green beans are further likely to hold up well, as consumers are opting for convenience foods more than ever.” says the TMR report.

According to the research study, considerable improvements in manufacturing technologies used for dehydrated green beans, such as vacuum and freeze-drying methods, are making them consumable over a longer period of time. This, in turn, is boosting the demand for dehydrated green beans among consumers who prefer munching on healthy foods for ‘on-the-go’ consumption.

Demand for conventional dehydrated green beans will continue to remain firm, however organic dehydrated green beans are gradually picking up pace. This can be attributed to the fact that consumers are willing to spend more on premium food products as compared to the ones that are conventionally grown and processed. As per the TMR estimates, global sales of organic dehydrated green beans are estimated to surpass 74,900 MT in 2019, and this penetration is further likely to gain significant grounds through 2027.

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Consumers will continue to show noticeable preferences for dehydrated green beans in powder and granule forms, with global sales estimated to touch 285, 200 MT mark in 2019. Leading brand operating in the dehydrated green beans market space are making headway with dehydrated green beans offerings in powdered and granules format, with a target to capitalize on the evolving demand for these ‘easy-to-consume’ formats. Air drying will continue to be an ideal drying method in the dehydrated green beans landscape. According to the analysis, the adoption of air drying method for dehydrated green beans processing is primarily driven by its low capital cost and moisture extraction effectiveness.

Brands Focus on Innovative Packaging as a Key Consumer Attraction Strategy

According to the analysis, though product quality is being emphasized as a sales catalyst in the dehydrated green beans market, manufacturers aren’t overlooking the importance of influential packaging to generate significant lift in sales. Customers are increasingly counting on packaging formats to judge advantages and disadvantages of a product, which, in turn, makes effective packaging an indispensable marketing tool in the dehydrated green beans market.

Brands in the dehydrated green beans landscape are investing in 3D printed packaging formats and incorporating graphical elements to convey powerful messages, which in turn helps in building a brand persona and boost long-term customer retention. Next-generation packaging formats that not only optimize the use of plastic, but also help in seamless extension of the freshness of dehydrated green beans will remain a key developmental focus area among industry players.

The TMR research study offers an all-inclusive analysis of the dehydrated green beans market during the period 2019 to 2027. According to the report, the global dehydrated green beans market is estimated to register a volume CAGR of over 4% through 2027.