July 20, 2020

3 Ways to Find Motivation while Writing Boring mass communication

Online mass communication assignment help is that process through which we can impart or exchange different types of information to a wider audience or population segment through the use of the mass media. Mass media in common sense are understood as various media forms which are used for information dissemination where advertising and journalism is a part. It is truly different from other communication forms such as “interpersonal communication” or “organizational communication.” What makes this discipline separate from others is that here information is disseminated with the aim to reach a wider audience without any specification. Thus, the popular examples of mass communication are commercial advertising, journalism, public relations and many more. Hence, from the above study it is evident that it is a discipline with a wider scope and hence the assignments under this discipline are also lengthy which demands longer hours of monotonous work. There can be many ways to keep away this boredom while writing such lengthy and boring assignments on mass communication, case study writing however, the most effective three ways are as follows:

Making every thought count

During the initial phase of a colossal and boring assignment like assignments on mass communication, different kinds of thoughts steer the mind in and out. The most frequent thoughts which comes to one’s mind is that whether one could complete such a mammoth assignment or not or if yes then whether within the designated time period or not. All such kind of thoughts are a complete waste of energy and time. According to a psychologist, one adult person have close to 60,000 conscious thoughts each day. So, such thoughts either would bring one closer to the pre-determined target or pull away from it. So, it is up to the individual how is he going to use such abundant series of conscious thoughts. If the same individual who were previously thinking in a negative fashion could make every thought count in a positive way and think that he is doing well and is near to his target, then that individual could easily find motivation and complete the remaining part of the boring assignment in an easy fashion.

Visualizing about action taking

There are numerous studies which have been conducted by psychologists on popular athletes suggests that, visualizing the future scenario of the game makes a huge difference as compared to the athletes who just plays the game as it is. The ones who have imagined to make a better performance in the game have taken steps to carry forward such visualizations on the field as well. Such improvements in the game has not been seen among the ones who have no visualizations of the game and just plays the game as it is. Such strategy of visualizing about action taking can be applied in case of boring assignments as well where one can visualize of finishing the assignment faster and with ease could replicate such things in reality as well and hence could find motivation during a boring assignment.

Small actions add up

Mass communication assignments are boring and mammoth in size which requires long hours of thinking power and typing such assignments. Such enormous assignments could look good while initiating but could get boring and monotonous when one reaches the middle or towards the end. In such times one should make themselves motivated by saying that small things does add up to complete the assignment and it always feels good when one finishes such a huge job, This could get oneself motivated during writing boring and colossal assignments on mass communication.