Instagram Management @Lashes_cy

Period: 20th August - 17th September


In the beginning the following aspects were agreed to work on.

  1. Competitors analysis
  2. Target Audience analysis
  3. Content plan for posts (30 posts - 1 post per day)
  4. Content plan for stories (3-4 stories daily)
  5. Clean up the followers
  6. Massliking
  7. Analysis and implementation of hashtags
  8. Writing text to each of the posts (30 texts)
  9. Using the button "Promote" for some of the posts
  10. Installing and implementing Taplink
  11. Managing one contest
  12. Report in the end of the month


We have decided to change the overall design of the profile to more light, yet minimalistic to avoid unnecessary colours and elements.

From the above points each of them was accomplished except:

Point 10 - the owner has decided not to implement Taplink

Point 11 - the contest was planned on 20th September


The photos were arranged according to the topics. In the content plan we have designed the following categories:

  • Examples of work
  • Beauty Salon General Post
  • Employees
  • Trainings Announcement
  • Products

Moreover, for each of the example of work there was a LOGO inserted in the eye.

Every photo was EDITED so that it has the same design as others

In addition, each post was pre-prepared and shared to Facebook


There was a request for targeted posts to promote from the Ad Manager without posting to any of Social Media. That work was given as a bonus and yet required hours to complete. Please mind that none of those targeted ads were tested before the initial advertising.

  1. 23d August - 29th August - Eyelash Master (2 ads)
  2. 1st September - 7th September - Eyelash Master (4 ads)
  3. 5th September - 10th September - Training in Nicosia (1 ad)
  4. 8th September - 15th September - Nails Advertising (1 ad)
  5. 8th September - 15th September - Eyelashes Advertising (1 ad)
  6. 12th September - 15th September - Advertising Lash Model (1 ad)

Overall: 10 Targeted advertising


Posts: 28

Stories: 67

Clients interested in eyelash extensions (ONLY DIRECT MESSAGES) - 28

Clients interested in eyelash and eyebrows trainings (ONLY DIRECT MESSAGES) - 25

Clients interested in products (ONLY DIRECT MESSAGES) - 2

For the week of 3d September - 9th September:

Profile visits: 587

Clicks on "Message Me" - 5

Calls - 4

For the week of 10th September - 16th September

Reach (the number of unique accounts that have seen any of your posts) - 41,580 accounts

Impressions (the total number of times all of your posts have been seen) - 120,764

Please NOTE:

The statistics about the clients cannot be written down in full, because there are clients who called through the mobile phone.