January 26, 2021

Do you know how to learn and enjoy it?

Using my own personal example, I want to tell you that this is possible.

I have always been surprised and fascinated by everything related to 3D and computer graphics, but more on that later :) As a child, playing computer games, I dreamed of learning English, because all the games were only English, because I wanted to learn the plot. Of course, I dreamed loudly (I thought it would be great to be able to read English), but it did not go beyond dreams.

Once, when I was on vacation abroad with my family, I experienced the first difficulties in communicating with the hotel staff, and since I am the head of the family, all the responsibility for this fell on me. It became clear that the knowledge of English is not a whim of the boy with Dendy, but a necessity. The first app on Google's phone offered me Duolingo. And I just did not expect that the English language is so accessible to people, and the application simply analyzes the most necessary phrases for a comfortable stay abroad, and in a playful and competitive way. Going deeper and deeper, I had a clear desire to know English at the level of a native speaker, and Duolingo gave me a good start for this.

Now about computer graphics, as promised:)
Every year, games, movies, cartoons, ads that use computer graphics become incredibly realistic, and looking at the endless credits at the end, you think: "A million people did it"))) Once, while crawling through various sites for learning English, I accidentally came across an article where a person described the process of creating one small 3D scene and made it himself alone O_O
Without hesitation, I decided to try it. And this led me to a new path-the study of 3D graphics. Naturally, it is impossible to understand the programs on your own, you have to look for various lessons, since there are a lot of them, but mostly in English again:) All this study takes a lot of time, and since it is a kind of hobby, you spend only your own, personal, free time. But I really like it, so in order to enjoy studying, you need to really get involved in the process of realizing your dreams/desires.

After I understood how to create 3D graphics, I wanted to create a full-fledged, beautiful and dynamic video. After watching a bunch of videos of this plan, I came to the conclusion that it must necessarily be in the style of movement! It's unrealistically exciting. But what video, about what? The choice fell on Duolingo, and it all started with him.

First you need to at least imagine the picture in your head, then choose a color palette to your taste and that the colors are combined with each other. To make it easier to imagine, you can crookedly, obliquely, but try to draw approximate scenes on a piece of paper, filling them with primitive shapes that will later acquire a completely different shape. And you can get to work.

First, the house is built of brick, a kind of small blocks
The first stage is called " Blocking"

All this needs to be arranged in accordance with the composition and then give the scene movement

The next (very important) stage is " Animation"

All this still looks primitive and boring)) But the next stages of the work will show a completely different picture.

But that's another story.
Which is still in the writing process, so I'm not saying goodbye to you. See you again!