July 31, 2020

Andrew Callejo | Best Home Interior Design Ideas

Andrew Callejo - The interior helps to create a replica of your dream home. Sometimes the smallest things make the greatest impact likes the addition of mirrors, painting, plant, wall decor, etc. Maybe you want to create an inviting atmosphere in the living room, Use light & fresh color for bedroom painting, etc.

Check out the following are some best Home Interior Design Ideas by Andrew Callejo that you can easily do with minimum effort & cost.

1)    Perfect Color Combination: Color is the best way to convert dull home space into attractive, fresh, and welcoming space within less time and cost. Different combinations of colors in home painting helps to introduce multiple shades of emotions like pleasant, inspiring, comfortable, peaceful, energetic, dramatic, etc. Paint smaller rooms using softer, lighter colors to make the room feel larger. Before selecting any colors theme for your home space ask one question to yourself, what you want to feel when you enter a home?

2)    Use Decorative Mirrors: Mirror helps to add instant light to your home space and making space feel larger and brighter. It can easily become the show-stopping centerpiece of your living space. You can use a mirror as a window and wall decor element.

3)    Go Green: Place some plants, flower pots in-home space to create a natural & peaceful atmosphere at home. Greenery suites to any interior design and style. Flowers add positivity, colors, and interest in the atmosphere and make a home look attractive and welcoming. Green plants enhance the quality of air. Plants & flowers can come in different colors, so use various shades of greenery to create a unique look.

4)    Focus on Lighting: Lighting is one of the most important elements in Interior Design for creating the mood and ambiance of living space. There are different types of lights available to create beautiful & shiny Interiors like Ambient Lighting, Accent Lighting, Task Lighting, Aesthetic Lighting, and Recessed Lighting. Utilizing the right type of lighting at the correct place is very essential to make perfect use of lighting in-home Interior Design.

5)    Furniture: Furniture helps to add charm to home space. Andrew Callejo says it is one of the essential elements of Interior Design. Furniture converts the empty home structure into a completely luxurious house. Home Furniture not only enhances the looks & beauty of space but also provides the best comfort for rest.

6)    Choose the Right Curtains: Curtains gives a very beautiful look to space. It is one of the most effective interior decor elements that are capable of bringing a dramatic change in the environment of a home. You can use different styles of curtains in every room of home depending on the color theme of the room wall, need of privacy, used furniture, etc. It gives a different & unique look to each room.