November 22, 2019

LEGO Tower Hack MOD, Unlimited Coins/Money Android iOS

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LEGO is one of the games The most favorite in the world. And the kids always wanted me to have such a LEGO set in their game collection. In the past, you would have to go to toy stores and buy physical LEGO sets to play at home and home and even invite friends to enjoy the construction of these most beautiful buildings. But technology is more and more modern, so now you can play Lego right on your smartphone.

LEGO Tower

is an official product of NimbleBit LLC. This publisher has released a lot of products that so far have received the attention of fans. Usually, it will be construction games, and simulation games, the “LEGO® Tower” product will definitely be a success. When it combines the gameplay, they have designed a lot with a famous brand. It is worth noting that this product has received official Lego support so you can be assured of graphics and image design.

Build and operate your own LEGOⓇ Tower!

As mentioned above, it is ultimately a world simulation and construction game, so its graphics are carefully researched to produce quality products. The world you build now is no longer tied to simple things like you used to, but you often play with shops bought in stores. Allowed to make a huge tower in which the player will receive the favor of many people to live in. With full 3D graphic design and depicting the beauty of the Lego blocks arranged in shape, people and buildings, LEGO® Tower succeeded in attracting players to it and Never want to leave. New games are only in the pre-registration phase so people can quickly access the links below or go directly to its homepage in Google Play to register and receive valuable rewards when the game is officially released.

Collect hundreds of unique Minifigure pieces

When starting a game, LEGO® Tower gives you a building but it’s small and not really big. However, its development ability is infinite, so your ultimate task is to build it as big as possible; there will be no limit to development. However, we must know where the money is to build this huge building. Surely it will have to come from the people who come to your tower. Must offer the best services to attract customers who come and give you their money.

Discover hidden characters

Besides, players should build offices and create businesses to earn more money, so people can work and play in your building. The player’s friends also build up the towers around it, and you simply need to Click on the map to find the tower of the surrounding people. Interact with each other to create good relationships with your friends by exchanging goods, helping them build buildings, and indeed there will be rewarding rewards.