April 20, 2021


Want to brighten up your interior nicely without blowing up your decoration budget? home decor cushion are your best allies! On a sofa, an armchair, a bed, or even directly on the floor for some, they instantly bring a little extra soul to each room. 

Play with materials and shapes

Velvet, faux fur, embroidery, fancy stitching. A lot of materials and weaving are at your disposal to wake up your furniture as you wish. Add to that various shapes: square, rectangular, or even round cushions and you will see that the cushions are not lacking in inventiveness and effects to please us. To change your home decoration over the seasons and not get bored, you can opt to purchase cushions to cover and alternate between different cushion covers according to your mood at the time; nothing better to make the house vibrate at all times.

Mix plain and printed cushions

In addition to varying the textures, it is possible to mix plain and printed cushions to give more rhythm to your interior. Floral, ethnic, graphic, tropical, or even striped print: you are spoiled for choice. We advise you to combine them with plain cushions for more softness. Are you worried about a messy decoration? Make sure that your printed cushions have a color in common with your plain cushions: this conductive shade will be useful for a coherent and visually balanced composition.

Keep an eye on the harmony of shades

For even more panache, the cushions are available in many colors and prints. Several solutions are available to you to compose a perfect decoration in your living room! You can bet on plain and printed cushions from the same range of colors and play with the nuances. It is also possible to move towards opposite but complementary colors for more contrast: black? Orange. The choice is vast! Depending on your tastes and the desired rendering, you can either choose cushions that are different from your sofa or, on the contrary, shades that approximate the color of your furniture.

Multiply the overlays

In addition to being ultra cocooning, the multiplication of elements adds a good dose of charm to your decoration. Right now, the trend is for mismatched cushions and mixing styles, so explore your creativity and play with originality! The trick to remember for a harmonious arrangement of the cushions is to place the smallest cushions on the front to create a nice effect of depth and profusion. Be careful to favor an odd number of cushions, whether on your sofa or your bed, this avoids a somewhat strict symmetry effect and ensures a more modern decor and in tune with the times.