February 1, 2021

Frequent use of the hands can often result in multiple issues

Frequent use of the hands can often result in multiple issues, especially as you age. Sometimes cases of arthritis get so severe that you need join replacement surgery, which is also called arthroplasty. An experienced hand surgeon can usually solve the issue, but you should get to know a bit about this little-known procedure.

Despite how little is it talked about, arthroplasty is quite common since so many people suffer from arthritis. This surgery involves making an artificial joint out of either silicone or your own tendon.

It is necessary because as your joint wears down, usually as a result of both age and everyday use, eventually your bones China Laundry detergent manufacturers are just rubbing together when you use your hands. Not surprisingly, this causes pain, swelling, and even popping, which is why having a reputable hand surgeon available to fix the issue is important.

Once it is determined that you have arthritis, your hand surgeon should use x-rays, thorough examinations, and even blood tests to decide if you need a new joint. In some cases, the bone spurs that cause the discomfort are simply removed, eliminating much of the pain.

If you either have advanced arthritis or are still quite young, you might be a candidate for joint fusion in which your joints are just fused together permanently. Of course, then you cannot move the area like you currently can, but the pain would go away.

If it is decided that joint replacement is your best option, it will next be determined where you need it. Your hand surgeon will probably choose this route for you if you are older and have rather low activity levels regarding your hands.

You may need the joints in any or all fingers replaced, or maybe it is your wrist that should be treated, though using this type of surgery for wrists is still very rare. As long as you have an experienced hand surgeon who you trust to help make the right decision for you, the results should be agreeable.

Not everyone is a good candidate for this type of treatment. It could hinder them in the long run, or there just might be easier solutions for them. However, if you are considered a good candidate for this operation, finding out what happens before, during, and after surgery can be helpful. Additionally, finding a doctor that you trust and can communicate well with is necessary to have the best experience possible.