July 20, 2020

Anton & Ricardo Analysis of BTC 20-27 of July.


HTF - 1D is same for the last week. price is between 2 OB globally and locally into the range. There is huge deviation above. The market structure is bearish. Focusing on short setups. I am waiting strong move bellow the range with/without retest to confirm/cancel wyckoff distribution scenario.


On 4H time frame I see 2 OB. OB over FVG is not interested for me because it is out of kill zone (0.79-0.62). Second OB is near OTE zone - 0.705. Also near second OB is 0.5 imb of 4H FVG. And some other factors as 0.5 of 1D range, the liquidity pool below OB. I want to see strong move to take the liquidity then deviate in zone of OB and quick move back. I will expect SFP or wyckoof into zone of OB and searching entry on LTF. Also having a devergense with volume/RSI possible.


1H can give a few opportunity to entry.The first we have already missed and that was go long with 1H Mitigation Block with small ST out of MB zone. Second, as I think, is better: waiting movement back to 1H OB and OTE zone. I want to entry on LTF with SFP or wyckoff into zone of this OB. Also there is liquidity of 4H near and liquidity of 1H, I think we need to take it. So I will wait strong reaction on 1H OB, target is going to be MB zone but after I will wait some consolidation below the MB and searching for entry for short on LTF. I think the MB will become Breaker Block. Why, because the price has to take liquidity.