September 6, 2021

My portfolio C4D

Hello, my name is Antonina Podusova and I am a motion design artist. I am passionate about 3D modelling, animation, and augmented reality. Here is my portfolio of some animations and graphic images.

First I would like to share my favorite work and I start with a small toy animation which was inspired by my son who created an unknown creature with some Mega blocks that we had in our house.

Here is the original picture of the "statue":

Original Mega blocks figure

And here is what I was able to create out of this image in Cinema 4D. For blocks of this "digital twin" I was using some basic materials. I rendered this animation through the Arnold renderer. I was trying to copy the colors but wanted to make them a bit brighter and make this creature look like a cartoon toy. I animated the bricks with key frames of position and rotation, so in the result it looked a little bit like stop motion animation. For the light I used 3 point light setup (Key, Fill and Back light) with some dim light so that there was not much reflection from the shiny, glossy surfaces of the plastic bricks and the background but they still looked plastic. And I put a camera in the Isometric projection.

Mega blocks toy animation

Soft and rigid bodies

Next there was a task to create and animate some emojis of our choice. I chose two emojis: a "flying saucer" and an "alien monster". I thought that those two would be a perfect match for a scene where UFO coming to meet some aliens. Here are the pictures of emojis that I used as a reference for my animation.

Flying saucer and alien monster emojis

Here is a short animation that I created with those two awesome characters. In this task I was working with soft and rigid bodies. So Aliens that come out of the flying saucer(FS) are rigid bodies that are falling from the Emitter because of the gravity that I set up in the scene. As usual I compiled the sequence of pictures(25fps) in After Effects to create a video. In AE I added a final touch to the animation so in the beginning the FS comes out of some bright light. I believe that is how aliens appear in front of the audience. First you see some bright light that dazzles your eyes and then the aliens appear:)

Flying saucer and alien monsters C4D

Next animation is also about rigid bodies. I tried to crush objects with some press. To crush them nicely I used Voronoi fracture. For this scene I was using a color wheel from Adobe where I found these colors to paint my objects.

Color wheel from Adobe
Crushed objects

Here I was trying to create an animation with hot air balloons that are soft bodies and they are flying because of some wind underneath them. For the scene I used an HDRI card that I got from a free stock library of HDRI cards

Typography animation

Next tasks were related to typography animation. I had to create and animate several figures. I draw a small storyboard in a drawing app so I had an idea of how my figures will look like.

Here are figure 1, 4 and 5 designed and animated in C4D.

For the Figure 1 I used Atom array to make it look like a metal construction. I animated the camera and light to get an effect of shimmering light, like it's a broken flickering neon sign.

Figure 1 Cinema 4D

For figure 4 I used Atom array and Voronoi fracture so the figure 4 is sliced and animated.

For the Figure 5 I used Cloner full of cubes and spheres of different sizes and colors. I also added a small metallic figure 5 that falls out of the main object.

Figure 5 Cinema 4D

Characters and rigging

Later during the course we were working with characters, character rigging and character animation. Rigging characters is a long and painstaking work. But I LOVE every bit of it. I really enjoy the process. Here are two characters that I created during the course.

My first character is from a cartoon, it's a bear called Captain. He is wearing a diving suit and he has an aqualung on his back.

Captain C4D

Here is an animation where the Captain is swimming down deep in the ocean and looking for his crew.

Second character is a training carrot with some greens on top of the head and a stylish green sweatband. I see myself in this character, because I like jogging and warming up before my jog.

Jogging carrot

This is how I animated this carrot. In this video the carrot is warming up before the jog.

Training carrot warm up

Loop animation

A small loop animation with exploding ball.

Ball explosion loop animation

Pictures and vector animation

In the end I wanted to post some scenes and compositions that I created in Cinema 4D and Blender. These are just pictures where I used different materials and textures.

First picture is a New Year composition

New Year composition

Another picture is a glass bowl and a cloth that was created in Blender.

Glass bowl and cloth

And the last one is a 2D animation of some dancing vector graphics cows that was made in After Effects. I got a picture of the cows from a free stock library

Music is from a free music stock library a composition called "Fight till the end" from

Dancing cows

Thank you for checking out my portfolio!