The Best-Led Headlights Ensuring a Superb Driving Experience

The three variants of headlights by AoonuAuto resolve to give you a super experience of driving with their respective wizardly features, making it a must-have for every modern car.

Headlights of a car are the main guiding force of the vehicle, being the anchor that takes it ahead on a night drive. Therefore has the sole responsibility of you and your loved ones sitting inside the vehicle. So, the best quality LED headlight bulbs are what you would require for a safe journey, that at no cost should be compromised when traveling with your family and friends.

Evolving from the days of halogen and xenon headlights the present-day LEDs are high-performing, more powerful, and more compact and provide for a better view. Let’s have a detailed glance over the best headlight bulbs by AoonuAuto:

Mine 6 COB series of LED Bulbs for cars

  • The M6 series is an H8/H9/H11 high beam and low beam upgrade for the cars. These bulbs work on 60 W of wattage and have imported COB for their optimal function. The have 6000K color temperature and have an operating voltage from 9v to 36 V.
  • These bulbs are made of 6063 aviation aluminum and military-grade fan which provides the cooling principle to the product. Their operating life is more than 50,000 hours of sharp illumination and creates a crystal-clear beam on the road during your night drives.

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