BT Apex Legends Second Edition of a Paintball Legends

The BT Apex 2 is basically made up of two main components: the outer shroud and inner core. The new Apex 2's outer shroud is made of aluminum which again is a welcome change over the plastic, two piece clamping design of the original. There are no screws to remove in order to separate the outer shroud from the inner core. The shroud is held on by o-rings lining the front and back of the inner core. This holds the outer shroud on surprisingly well and really requires some effort to get the two apart. The inner core attaches to the milled tip of the apex barrel via o-rings providing is a nice tight fit. The inner core houses both the adjuster switch and inner rubber insert. It is this mechanism that is responsible for imparting the spin on the ball that creates the curving effect that the BT Apex is known for.

Performance is right on par, if not better than the original. Setting the position of the tip to the right or left varies the direction of the curve and the adjuster switch varies the intensity the switch and the tip hold their positions well which allows you to gauge your shot and make small incremental adjustments for accurate ball placement.

Is the Apex 2 Tip compatible with all the existing aftermarket Apex Ready barrels and adapters? In our experience it is and reports from Lapco paintball confirm this. Lapco is one of the largest and most popular manufacturers of 'Apex Ready' aftermarket barrels. They have confirmed that the Apex 2 tip works on all of their models including the Lapco BigShot Apex Ready barrel as well as the BigShot Assault with thread-on Apex adapter.

The BT Apex 2 barrel is now available in two lengths and three threads. 14" and 18" models are made in the A5/X7, 98 and Autococker thread. As an authorized dealer for Empire (BT Paintball) products, ROCKSTAR Tactical carries the full line of Apex 2 Paintball Barrels. The Apex 2 Tip is not currently available for individual purchase. We expect that like the original, Empire (BT) will offer the Apex 2 tip by itself for those that want to create their own Apex 2 barrel using one of the many aftermarket 'Apex Ready' barrels or an Apex adapter added to their existing barrel.

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