How to Get a Free Gym Membership

Gym Membership can be quite expensive, especially if you are on a budget. When you are searching for options about joining one you quickly find out that there are fees to pay just to join. You may have to put money down and then pay monthly or yearly. If you end up not using your membership as often as you expected, then you end up wasting your money.

Below are some ideas that you may consider in order to land yourself a free gym membership.

1. Work part-time at a gym - A lot of gyms offer free memberships to their employees. If you don't mind working part-time, you can earn some extra money as well as workout for free.

2. Job benefit - Some companies offer gym memberships as a benefit. Ask around and maybe you can land a job that will pay for your gym fees.
3. Trial offers - If you live in an area that has an abundance of gyms you could find out about any free trials. Many may offer trials from one week to an entire month. Join various gyms at various times and you could manage to get several months of free memberships.

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4. Volunteer - This may work with the privately owned gyms more so than the larger franchised gyms. You could ask about volunteering in exchange for a free membership.
The best free gym (in my opinion) is the one you have right at home. You don't need fancy equipment or a lot of space. If you have a television and a DVD player or a laptop that plays DVDs then you have all the gym you need. There are some excellent in-home fitness programs available on DVD that you can use to workout at home.

Most of these programs require nothing more than dumbbells and a yoga mat. If you invest in several programs, you create a fitness library that you can alternate any time you want. It is like having a personal trainer on-call. You can workout anytime you want without worry of gym fees, driving to and from a gym, germs from the sweaty equipment, overcrowding, sweaty gym members, and waiting to use machines.

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P90X is a prime example of what a home-fitness program can do. That program has become quite a success and many people have lost weight and got into great shape by working out at home in their spare time. Consider a low-budget home gym for yourself. It is one of the best gym memberships you already have free access to.