December 24, 2020

Get Started Today With Unique FoodPanda Clone App

Online food ordering is picking up the pace. Offering what customer wants at a meager price, this on demand food delivering business is appreciated globally particularly when social distancing is mandatory in this Covid times. If you are looking to invest in a multi-restaurant commission based on demand food delivery business like FoodPanda, you need to understand how this multi-restaurant system works.

Understanding Multi Restaurant System

On-demand food delivery apps like FoodPanda, Postmates, Zomato, Eat 24 works on a multi restaurant system, which is a commission-based food delivery business. The app charges a commission from the restaurant partners listed with them.

The multi restaurant system will typically have a responsive website, user panel, admin panel, delivery drivers panel, and restaurant panel that helps in managing the entire food delivery eco-system.

It is a complete package where everything rights from placing the food order to preparing and dispatching is taken care of. The admin can have an eye on the entire business activities.

One of the primary reasons, why the Foodpanda clone is gaining popularity is because of the ease in the coding and allows to customize the features the way the entrepreneur wants. Additionally, the multi-restaurant system can be implemented on other types of on-demand delivery business like grocery delivery, delivery all business, etc.

FoodPanda Clone App Modules

The best part about developing a FoodPanda clone app is the app is ready-made solution that allows customization as per your business needs. This multi-restaurant system is an open-source one, and you can buy the entire system from a white-label app development company and launch your food delivery business immediately.

The foodpanda clone app modules are divided into 4 categories

User panel - Website, Android, and iOS app

It is the front-end of the app that users access to place an order from the nearby restaurant. The app will have a similar looking website with the same navigation and look.

The feature includes:

·       Social media signup login

·       Advanced filter to search for restaurants based on cuisine, ratings, pricing, etc.

·       Listing of the restaurants

·       Placing the order

·       Pay through multiple payment modes

·       Select delivery type – self-pickup, normal delivery, contactless delivery

·       Give feedback/ ratings

Restaurant panel

The partnered restaurant will have access to the backend to review the order related activities. They will have the app accessible on both the platforms i.e. Android and iOS

The features include:

·       Provides comprehensive restaurant management

·       View placed orders

·       Edit modify the menu, pricing, and delivery charges

·       Promote through a variety of promo deals

·       Get reports and analytics in real-time

·       Review ratings

Delivery drivers panel

The delivery drivers and service providers will have access to the backend of the app where they can review entire delivery related activities. It lets them flawlessly manage their entire deliveries.

The features include:

·       Complete delivery management dashboard to view entire delivery related activities

·       Review all the day in day out orders and delivery drivers on a real-time basis

·       Review and manage incoming deliveries

·       Get notifications and alerts

·       Automation in assigning orders to the delivery drivers

·       Delivery drivers can view their pickup orders and further delivering details

·       The drivers can view the location through the GPS tracking feature

·       Review ratings

Admin Panel

It is the core part of your multi-restaurant system where the entire food delivery related activities are managed. The panel is synced with the other modules.

The features include:

·       Add a wide range of restaurants on a percentage, fixed amount (i.e. per delivery order), or commission-based

·       Allows you to make changes to the delivery charges based on the amount of distance or both

·       Make modifications suiting as per business needs

·       Allows to send alerts and push notifications in masses

·       Get reports and analytics on a real-time basis

You can ask for a live demo from a mobile app company that you are partnering with to get a fair idea. Also, you can have the features customize if you wish to enhance the performance of your app. Having a multiple-restaurant system as FoodPanda clone app can hugely benefit your food order delivery business by generating multiple stream income.