December 31, 2020

How to Design a Blended WorkSpace?

Workspaces have also involved just like the interior of work homes & hotels. Now, cubicles are replaced by workspaces that are more open & functional that encourage the collaboration & interaction between the employees. Such office designs are known as blended workspace, and are very popular among the top companies as such spaces are modular in nature with a scope of adaptable elements to it. A blended workspace has an open design that allows you to see from where who is working. Most office fit out companies in Dubai have great insights into how to design a blended workspace, so let us have a look at how different zones in blended workspaces are done by top designers.

Active Space

This space include the tables from different shapes & sizes. Where all team can sit together or other people from other teams can also sit together. For large teams a long rectangle table can be put together while for smaller teams it can be oval-shaped. The beauty of this design is that the fluidity, and the team can sit wherever they want in the office space for instance near a window or some other space. They can literally move to just about any active space without having to shift anything else other than their laptops. With the less usage of paper in commercial spaces then there is no cabinets and drawers. This has also helped office interior design companies in Dubai to plan the office floor with more space & ergonomic furniture in order to create an amazing space for employees and clients.

Privacy Pods

Not all work can happen as a team effort. Some work needs to be done in seclusion. An all-open design can become disruptive & noise levels distracting. Privacy pods can be a great solution for this problem. The design of the pods also plays a huge role in providing comfort & also on focus to the people & it's been known to hugely boost productivity levels. Such pods must be designed for a single employee and many corporate office interior design brings in a theme of a spaceship or an old-fashioned payphone to give the employees a whole new experience.


The breakout spaces are mostly situated away from the active workspaces, lounges are kept right within the active area. The idea behind it is to provide the employees space to just sit down, read, check messages or even work on their laptops. Most times, it also becomes an unofficial brainstorming area or a place to just pick someone's brains. Lounges areas can also be traditionally designed with a comfortable sofa, or even a recliner, lazyboy or even a hammock.

This is how you can design a blended workplace and top companies like Appello Interiors help you design an amazing workspace for you and your employees.