November 26, 2020


There are many things in this world that work so well that we rarely think about how they work. In truth, much of what we don't understand is best left to experts to figure out the scientific evidence behind these questions. In turn, we, consumers, do not think about how we get this or that effect from the product.

But sometimes it will be useful to look behind the curtain, you can really get to know all the functionality of the product in order to get the most out of it. Take XLASH eyelash serum, for example. We buy, use, and then sit and wait for the results. But to get the most out of your eyelash serum, it's best to know what it contains, how it works, when to use it, and how to apply it correctly. So, instead of sitting and waiting, we can reinforce our knowledge and happily continue to use this serum, knowing that in just a few weeks you will have the lashes you dreamed of.


These fine hairs that cover our eyes actually have many components. Lashes are made up of water and contain keratin, which is a natural protein that materializes in the human body along with other proteins that help give each hair color and strength. They receive nourishment from the depths of the follicle, which is essentially a breeding ground for eyelash growth.

Eyelashes can grow to any length, but this is usually around 8mm. They come in a variety of colors and shapes, with some being more curved while others tend to get a little straighter. After the eyelashes fall out, it may take 7-8 weeks on average to regain their density. Eyelashes also have their own growth cycle, which can be influenced by weather, diet, and more. Also, eyelashes can fall out due to rough cleaning of make-up, as well as excessive use of false eyelashes or extensions.

The lashes don't grow in one straight line, in fact they usually grow in 3-5 layers on the upper eyelid, so when some fall out you don't really notice as you don't have huge gaps.

They are sensitive to touch and mainly protect our eyes from dust and other particles that might try to get inside. Like cat's whiskers, when something touches them, it triggers a reflex. When something touches your eyelashes, your eyes usually close due to this reflex, thus protecting your eyes. Amazing, isn't it?

Typically there are 74 to 100 eyelashes on the upper eyelid, and 60 to 80 on the bottom row, and they tend to bend outward, which acts as another protective function, allowing sweat or other moisture to drain down from the eyes.


So, we mentioned that eyelashes have their own growth cycle, and this is important to know before you meet the eyelash growth serum. And then you yourself can answer the question why eyelashes do not grow as fast as you would like.


Anagen (growth) phase - this stage is the most important. At this stage, the eyelashes are as healthy and long as possible. It lasts 30-45 days, eyelashes grow from the depths of the follicle, absorbing beneficial properties, so they retain their strength throughout the entire cycle. This is important to know while using the eyelash growth serum, as it is during this period that your eyelashes will truly benefit from the nutrition they receive.

Catagen phase (transitional phase) - during this transitional period, the eyelashes remain unchanged, and the follicle changes. It prepares to close, begins to dry, and essentially prepares to knock out an eyelash. This phase can last anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks, and although the lashes remain in place, they may weaken because they are not receiving the same nutrition as during the growth phase. Although the eyelashes fall out during this stage of the cycle, the catagen phase must still be completed before it can proceed to the next stage, as without it, the eyelashes will not start growing again. This is why you can see more gaps than usual.

The telogen (resting) phase is the longest phase of the eyelash growth cycle, which begins when the follicle contracts completely to be replaced by a new eyelash. Eyelashes usually fall out at this stage, and new growth begins. Thus, it may seem that visually nothing is happening, but in fact the process is running! This stage lasts up to 100 days and then we go back to the anagen phase again.
Interesting, right? But don't worry when it comes to your lash growth cycle, not all of your lashes go through the same stage at the same time, so you shouldn't have too many exposed areas at the same time.

However, this means that in order for your existing lashes to stay in place for as long as possible, you have to think about their health, and this is where you will need an eyelash serum.


Obviously, every eyelash serum on the market differs slightly in ingredients, but they all have the same goal: to strengthen and lengthen the lashes. The difference is usually in the ingredients, some of which can cause irritation. A particular brand of XLASH focuses on formulas that work well and are not harmful to your lashes, follicles or eyes.

XLASH Eyelash Serum targets the health of eyelashes while promoting growth and lengthening in just a few weeks. Its active ingredients, combined with the existing keratin in your lashes, fill the gaps and strengthen the fixation of each follicle. As mentioned earlier, the anagen phase in eyelash growth cycles is most important when it comes to eyelash serum! This is where the magic happens, and this is where the serum plays its most important role.

One of the key ingredients is hyaluronic acid, which actively nourishes and moisturizes the eyelashes, and also prolongs the activity of the follicles. It is important for them not to dry out and become brittle. Unhealthy eyelashes are the first sign of frequent breakage and loss.

XLASH Eyelash Serum also contains B vitamins and natural plant extracts to help repair already damaged eyelashes from overuse of mascara or from lack of nutrition or care. The serum is free of parabens and oils, so it can also be used safely and without problems for eyelash extensions.