April 21, 2020

Average Payout for Whiplash Injury Claim.

The Average Whiplash Compensation For Your Whiplash Injury claim:

The average amount of money for a whiplash injury claim is approximately £2,500 for the injury only. Other than this, the amount is increased with different other factors. Like, place of injury, treatment cost and other miscellaneous. Hence the total amount of money is more than £2,500. It might seem to be an easy process but it is not. It sometimes takes a long period to get your whiplash injury claim. Sometimes it takes years and sometimes you do not even get your claimed money. The reason behind that is a lot of fake whiplash claims. These fake claims make it difficult for the authorities to pay money to deserving. The best way to get your claimed money is to consult with a whiplash claim solicitor.There are various brackets of whiplash claims. These are compiled for you below.

Average Claim For Minor Whiplash Injuries.

The amount for minor whiplash injuries is awarded up to £850 - £2750. These minor whiplash injuries are recovered within a year.
Average Claim For Moderate Whiplash Injuries.In this category, £2750 - £5000 amount of money is paid. This kind of whiplash injury is cured within two years of the injury date.

Average Claim For Moderately Severe Whiplash Injuries.

£5000 - £8750. For a moderately severe whiplash injury, a cure takes place within a few years of the accident. However, a cure may be deferred and there may be a grown risk of further injury and complications.

Average Claim For Severe Whiplash Injuries?

£8750 - £16,000 is paid for the severe whiplash injuries. Severe whiplash injuries cause severe deficiency of movement. It can lead to constant or recurring pain and the chance of surgery. This is the conventional amount of whiplash compensation granted.This amount of money is granted only for the pain you suffer and this process of getting your money for the claim entirely depends upon the solicitor. A whiplash claim is a difficult procedure. 

What are the difficulties to prove your claim?

Fake Claims;When given an opportunity, some people take unfair advantage of it. The same scenario was followed for whiplash claims. A lot of people began to file fake whiplash injury claims. When the cases of fake whiplash claims increased, the scrutiny of whiplash cases were tightened by the authorities. Now, victims have to go through a lot of screening. This makes it harder to prove your claim.

Lack of Medical Proof;The most significant thing in taking whiplash injury claims is to possess precise medical evidence of the injury. Some people do not understand the value of medical evidence when registering injury claims. They do not prefer proper medical treatment for their injury. Even if they get medical attention, they do not keep track of their medical reports and bills. It makes it difficult for the adjuster to determine the amount of return one is eligible to get. So, it is necessary to secure proper treatment if one has got a whiplash or neck injury.

Whiplash Reforms 2020;Whiplash reforms in 2020 has affected the complete industry of whiplash claims. These reforms have made it difficult to prove a whiplash injury claim. Now, it has become much difficult to hire an expert for minor cases. Moreover, the amount of claim for small cases has been fixed between £1,000 to £5,000. These reforms are not yet implemented but soon they will be.  When these reforms will be implemented, things will get even more difficult.

Symptoms emerging Late;Late appearance of symptoms is also one of the reasons people are unable to prove claims. It is not certain that you will feel the symptoms of whiplash injury shortly after an accident. Sometimes, they do take time to develop. In some cases, they appear when the injured person has already established all the matters related to injury claims. That makes it difficult for the claimant to get the benefit. Because all the files associated with the case usually close.

No Test to Prove Whiplash Injury;Whiplash is an injury on the soft-tissue of the neck. There are no tests that authenticate if a person has a whiplash or not. Sometimes, people experience whiplash injury shock. But they do not realise that they have developed a whiplash injury. That is why they do not consult a doctor to diagnose the problem.

 Exceeding Time Limit;The time limit for all types of personal injury claims is normally three years from the date of the accident. It is an adequate amount of time for anyone to file a claim. But there are some people who do not register their claims within this time boundary and file them afterwards. So, it is extremely questionable. In this case, it is hard to can get the amount of compensation. 

Taking Case In Your Own Hands;Getting whiplash injury claims to demand proper knowledge and an in-depth understanding of the method of registering a claim. Sometimes, the character of the case is complex. In this case, making any blunder can cost you a lot. You may end up missing your claim payment. It demands a specialist to handle your case. Nowadays, a lot of injury claim experts are helping injury claim services on a “No Win No Fee” principle. It means that you will only be subjected to pay the fee of your representative when you win your case.


There are different types of whiplash injuries. Each category has a different range of amount for the claim. These categories are minor whiplash, moderate whiplash, moderate-severe whiplash, and severe whiplash. However, getting whiplash claims money is not an easy task. There are several problems people face while trying to prove the claim. Consulting an expert claims management company can help you to get your claimed money.