May 24, 2020

List of studies

What is affected by sleep


  1. How a Good Sleep Predicts Life Satisfaction: The Role of Zero-Sum Beliefs About Happiness
  2. Prospective study: sleep and depression

Cognitive function and productivity

  1. Meta-analysis about the relationship of sleep and memory
  2. Great meta-analysis of how sleep affects different cognitive functions
  3. RCT: 6 hours for 2 weeks, equivalent to 2 nights without sleep. In terms of effects on cognitive function
  4. The role of sleep for memory
  5. Those who study in the morning have an average higher academic performance than those who study in the evening (272 students RCT cognitive test + poll)
  6. Interactions between sleep habits and self-control
  7. A Time for Learning and a Time for Sleep: The Effect of Sleep Deprivation on Contextual Fear Conditioning at Different Times of the Day
  8. Both Duration and Timing of Sleep are Important to Memory Consolidation

Cardiovascular diseases

  1. Meta-analysis of prospective studies: how sleep is associated with CVD
  2. Daylight saving time increases by 25% the number of heart attacks on the next day compared to all other Mondays of the year and decreases by 21% when they are transferred back and people received an extra hour
  3. Time Transfer and CVD Risks

Diabetes and obesity

  1. Case study: the effect of sleep on obesity, insulin resistance and diabetes risk
  2. Meta-analysis: sleep and type 2 diabetes risk

Oncological diseases

  1. Meta-analysis of sleep duration and cancer risk

Respiratory infections

  1. Association of Insufficient Sleep With Respiratory Infection Among Adults in the United States
  2. Sleep Disturbance, Sleep Duration, and Inflammation: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Cohort Studies and Experimental Sleep Deprivation. Нарушения сна влияет на протекание воспалительных процессов, но не сокращение сна
  3. Physical activity, sleep and risk of respiratory infections: A Swedish cohort study

Mortality rate

  1. Observational study of mortality due to lack of sleep and insomnia
  2. A large meta-analysis of prospective studies: how sleep duration is associated with mortality
  3. Systematic review + meta-analysis. How sleep is associated with all causes of death
  4. Meta-analysis: how short daytime is associated with mortality and CVD

Meta-analyzes and systematic reviews of the effects of sleep on many aspects

  1. The Global Problem of Insufficient Sleep and Its Serious Public Health Implications
  2. Sleep: A Health Imperative
  3. Systematic Review: Time Translation and Traffic Accidents

What affects sleep


  1. Systematic review of cochrane, jet lag melatonin
  2. Review: the effectiveness of melatonin to improve sleep


  1. Old little RCT: amber lenses improve sleep
  2. RCT: blocking the blue spectrum for insomnia
  3. Systematic review: the effect of light on circadian rhythms
  4. The effect of a computer screen on melatonin
  5. Does the iPad Night Shift mode reduce melatonin suppression?
  6. Sunset time affects when people want to sleep (observational meta-analysis, 36k)


  1. Effect of Inhaled Lavender and Sleep Hygiene on Self-Reported Sleep Issues: A Randomized Controlled Trial
  2. An olfactory stimulus modifies nighttime sleep in young men and women

Air quality

  1. The effects of bedroom air quality on sleep and next‐day performance


  1. Effects of Diet on Sleep Quality1,2 (обзор нескольких маленьких РКИ)

Physical activity

  1. Increased slow wave sleep and reduced stage 2 sleep in children depending on exercise intensity.


  1. Screening of clock gene polymorphisms demonstrates association of a PER3 polymorphism with morningness-eveningness preference and circadian rhythm sleep disorder.


  1. Effects of feet warming using bed socks on sleep quality and thermoregulatory responses in a cool environment
  2. Sleep and thermoregulation
  3. Warm feet promote the rapid onset of sleep
  4. Skin temperature and sleep-onset latency: changes with age and insomnia.
  5. Before-bedtime passive body heating by warm shower or bath to improve sleep: A systematic review and meta-analysis.
  6. A shower before bedtime may improve the sleep onset latency of youth soccer players.
  7. Bathing before sleep in the young and in the elderly
  8. Functional link between distal vasodilation and sleep-onset latency?

Big analyzes of various factors

  1. The Role of Sleep Hygiene in Promoting Public Health: A Review of Empirical Evidence
  2. Can Slow-Wave Sleep Enhancement Improve Memory? A Review of Current Approaches and Cognitive Outcomes

The importance of sleep quality, not just quantity

  1. Sleep quality versus sleep quantity: relationships between sleep and measures of health, well-being and sleepiness in college students.
  2. Is Sleep Quality More Important than Sleep Duration for Public Health?


  1. The Pittsburgh sleep quality index: A new instrument for psychiatric practice and research
  2. Evaluating the Validity of Current Mainstream Wearable Devices in Fitness Tracking Under Various Physical Activities: Comparative Study
  3. The effect of sleep on the risk of viral diseases. RCTs with huge CI
  4. Melatonin and pancreatic islets: interrelationships between melatonin, insulin and glucagon.
  5. Increased Risk of Upper Respiratory Infection in Military Recruits Who Report Sleeping Less Than 6 h per night.
  6. Climate change and sleep: A systematic review of the literature and conceptual framework
  7. Functional link between distal vasodilation and sleep-onset latency?
  8. Sleep deprivation and neurobehavioral dynamics.
  9. Cumulative sleepiness, mood disturbance, and psychomotor vigilance performance decrements during a week of sleep restricted to 4-5 hours per night.
  10. The benefits of a nap during prolonged work and wakefulness
  11. Sleep loss causes social withdrawal and loneliness
  12. The future of sleep health: a data-driven revolution in sleep science and medicine
  13. The relationship between subjective sleep quality and cognitive performance in healthy young adults: Evidence from three empirical studies
  14. Short sleep is associated with higher prevalence and increased predicted risk of cardiovascular diseases in an Iranian population: Fasa PERSIAN Cohort Study
  15. The association between alcohol consumption and sleep disorders among older people in the general population
  16. Effects of Catecholamine Depletion on Alertness and Mood in Rested and Sleep Deprived Normal Volunteers
  17. J-curve relation between daytime nap duration and type 2 diabetes or metabolic syndrome: A dose-response meta-analysis
  18. Health, happiness, and a good night's sleep
  19. The Relationships between Life Satisfaction and Sleep Quality, Sleep Duration and Variability of Sleep in University Students
  20. Nighttime temperature and human sleep loss in a changing climate
  21. Effects of Relaxing Music on Healthy Sleep
  22. Genetic analysis of sleep
  23. Interactions between sleep, stress, and metabolism: From physiological to pathological conditions
  24. Positive upshots of cortisol in everyday life
  25. Sleep loss results in an elevation of cortisol levels the next evening.
  26. The Role of Cortisol in Sleep
  27. Небольшой исследование: связь сна и размера тестикул
  28. The effect of mindfulness meditation on sleep quality: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.
  29. Meditation and Its Regulatory Role on Sleep
  30. Clinical effects of mindfulness meditation and cognitive behavioral therapy standardized for insomnia
  31. Heartfulness meditation improves sleep in chronic insomnia
  32. Mindfulness Meditation and Improvement in Sleep Quality and Daytime Impairment Among Older Adults With Sleep Disturbances
  33. Mindfulness meditation for insomnia: A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials
  34. Chronic Sleep Disruption Alters Gut Microbiota, Induces Systemic and Adipose Tissue Inflammation and Insulin Resistance in Mice
  35. Deep sleep maintains learning efficiency of the human brain
  36. Sleep modulates haematopoiesis and protects against atherosclerosis
  37. New perspectives on the role of melatonin in human sleep, circadian rhythms and their regulation
  38. Sleep and immune function
  39. A single night of partial sleep deprivation induces insulin resistance in multiple metabolic pathways in healthy subjects.
  40. Growth hormone secretion during sleep
  41. Association between objectively-measured physical activity and sleep, NHANES 2005–2006
  42. Melatonin in patients with reduced REM sleep duration: two randomized controlled trials.
  43. Melatonin and S-20098 increase REM sleep and wake-up propensity without modifying NREM sleep homeostasis.
  44. Sleep timing is more important than sleep length or quality for medical school performance
  45. Early versus late bedtimes phase shift the human dim light melatonin rhythm despite a fixed morning light on time
  46. Short sleep and late bedtimes are detrimental to educational learning and knowledge transfer: An investigation of individual differences in susceptibility.
  47. The Effects of Bedtime and Sleep Duration on Academic and Emotional Outcomes in a Nationally Representative Sample of Adolescents
  48. Physical exercise at night blunts the nocturnal increase of plasma melatonin levels in healthy humans.
  49. Exercise can improve sleep quality: a systematic review and meta-analysis
  50. Sleep onset is disrupted following pre-sleep exercise that causes large physiological excitement at bedtime
  51. Exercise training improves sleep quality in middle-aged and older adults with sleep problems: a systematic review.
  52. Effects of Evening Exercise on Sleep in Healthy Participants: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
  53. The effect of physical activity on sleep quality
  54. Regulation and Functional Correlates of Slow Wave Sleep
  55. The potential therapeutic effect of melatonin in gastro-esophageal reflux disease
  56. Melatonin: Buffering the Immune System
  57. Melatonin, immune function and aging
  58. Pharmacological interventions for sleepiness and sleep disturbances caused by shift work.
  59. Melatonin for the promotion of sleep in adults in the intensive care unit
  60. Meta-Analysis: Melatonin for the Treatment of Primary Sleep Disorders
  61. How does diurnal intermittent fasting impact sleep, daytime sleepiness, and markers of the biological clock? Current insights
  62. Associations between chronotype, morbidity and mortality in the UK Biobank cohort
  63. Associations of Chronotype and Sleep With Cardiovascular Diseases and Type 2 Diabetes
  64. Свежий документ от ВОЗ. Является ли ночная работа канцерогеном
  65. Exposure to Room Light before Bedtime Suppresses Melatonin Onset and Shortens Melatonin Duration in Humans
  66. Melatonin the "light of night" in human biology and adolescent idiopathic scoliosis
  67. Metabolic Consequences in Humans of Prolonged Sleep Restriction Combined with Circadian Disruption
  68. Resetting the late timing of ‘night owls’ has a positive impact on mental health and performance
  69. Serum melatonin levels and antioxidant capacities after consumption of pineapple, orange, or banana by healthy male volunteers.
  70. Time for Food: The Intimate Interplay between Nutrition, Metabolism, and the Circadian Clock
  71. Short Sleep Duration Is Associated with Reduced Leptin, Elevated Ghrelin, and Increased Body Mass Index
  72. Meta-Analysis of Short Sleep Duration and Obesity in Children and Adults
  73. Does poor sleep quality affect skin aging?
  74. Effects of environmental noise on sleep
  75. The Effect of Room Acoustics on the Sleep Quality of Healthy Sleepers
  76. Effect of White Noise on Sleep in Patients Admitted to a Coronary Care
  77. White noise and sleep induction.
  78. Environmental noise and sleep disturbances: A threat to health?
  79. Effects of earplugs and eye masks on nocturnal sleep, melatonin and cortisol in a simulated intensive care unit environment
  80. Electronic device use in bed reduces sleep duration and quality in adults
  81. A meta-analysis of the effect of media devices on sleep outcomes
  82. Heart rate variability predicts sleep efficiency
  83. Children’s Sleep and Autonomic Function: Low Sleep Quality Has an Impact on Heart Rate Variability
  84. A Sleep Analysis Method Based on Heart Rate Variability
  85. Measures of Sleep and Cardiac Functioning During Sleep Using a Multi-Sensory Commercially–Available Wristband in Adolescents
  86. Changes in respiration, heart rate, and systolic blood pressure in human sleep
  87. Failure to de-arouse during sleep-onset transitions in the heart rates of individuals with sleep-onset insomnia
  88. Reading from an iPad or from a book in bed: the impact on human sleep. A randomized controlled crossover trial.
  89. Consolidation during sleep of perceptual learning of spoken language
  90. Cardiac activity during sleep onset
  91. Associations between sleep loss and increased risk of obesity and diabetes
  92. Effects of poor and short sleep on glucose metabolism and obesity risk
  93. High-glycemic-index carbohydrate meals shorten sleep onset
  94. Relationship between Food Intake and Sleep Pattern in Healthy IndividualsShort Sleep Duration Is Associated with Reduced Leptin, Elevated Ghrelin, and Increased Body Mass Index
  95. Relationship between Food Intake and Sleep Pattern in Healthy Individuals
  96. Effect of kiwifruit consumption on sleep quality in adults with sleep problems.
  97. Isocaloric diet changes and electroencephalographic sleep.
  98. Effects of Diet on Sleep Quality
  99. Effects of Diet on Sleep Quality1,2
  100. Diet promotes sleep duration and quality
  101. The Influence of Diet on Sleep
  102. Does Cigarette Smoking Increase Sleep Problems?
  103. Sleep disturbances associated with cigarette smoking
  104. Effect of night smoking, sleep disturbance, and their co-occurrence on smoking outcomes.
  105. How smoking affects sleep: A polysomnographical analysis
  106. Alcohol and Sleep I: Effects on Normal Sleep
  107. The within-person association between alcohol use and sleep duration and quality in situ: An experience sampling study
  108. Circadian rhythms, alcohol and gut interactions
  109. Evening alcohol suppresses salivary melatonin in young adults.
  110. The effect of aromatherapy with lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) on serum melatonin levels
  111. Lavender bath oil reduces stress and crying and enhances sleep in very young infants
  112. Effects of Work Stress on Ambulatory Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, and Heart Rate Variability
  113. The restorative effect of naps on perceptual deterioration
  114. The relationship of HRV to sleep EEG and sleep rhythm