In 2035 I will be 32. In the future, the world will be completely different. I think there will be several languages and we will have the opportunity to live anywhere where we want, there won't be racism, chauvinism, body-shaming and injustice,people will be more tolerant. Maybe big sister will be watching me.

I will have already be married and have wonderful 4 children: 2 sons, 2 daughters. Every day I will go to the job on hyperloop or on my new Tesla, which works on arc reactor. I will be living in Liechtenstein in my flat, but I think I often will be abroad because I will be working as a crisis manager in different companies of the world. I will have made my own small company as a financial pillow. My work will have based on saving enterprises in difficult times. I think this job never won't have disappeared, becuse,I am confident that large corporations will manage the future and many companies will not be able to adapt to frequent changes in the future.

My vision of the future is not so clear, but in any case, the future will be very interesting and full of important historical events.