How many sources should a 100-page research paper have?

Students always ask how many sources they need in their research paper. The answer is it depends on your topic, the nature of your research project, level of scholarship, also some other factors.

Minimum number of sources = no: of pages in the body of your entire paper

Example: a paper that has 10 pages needs at least 10 sources in a research paper.

100-page research should have at least 100 sources. These are not hard and fast rules by the way. Also, it is mentioned that as students and scholars who care about the quality of our work we want to aim to raise the bar, these guidelines are suggesting that you don’t aim for any less. If you do that your research for something would be incomplete and you need to keep working on it to make it relevant and complete. Of course, your sources should also have relevant according to your topic.

Not every scholar or supervisor would agree with these guidelines. I suggest here, criticizing them as being too simplistic. My point is not to offer a rule to open any type of debate in which there are not any solutions rather than arguments. My straight forward point is to respond to ambiguously, leaving students frustrated or anxious about how to continue their research.

When in doubt, talk to your instructor about every problem. Some students don’t ask anything from their instructor I would suggest they take help from them overcome fear because their little help can make you better. After all, if you don’t want to ask anything from your instructor there are online services available like affordable dissertation writing help UK which can suggest you about every research project, any problem with your research at affordable price.