October 31, 2020

How To Set Up And Introduce an HP Printer In A Proper Way?

HP offers a wide range of printers for businesses and home users. The range of HP printers is also very good as you can easily find a perfect printer from your home at your budget. The installation of the HP printer is also very simple. HP manufactures both wired and wireless printers. If you have purchased a new printer then you have to configure the printer to the PC.

Unboxing HP printer

  • Place the box on a flat surface
  • Remove the tape from the box
  • Take out the printer and place it on a clean and dry surface
  • Take out the ink cartridge
  • Check for a USB cable, power cord, CD, and a manual

Steps for Printer Setup

For setting up the HP printer, take the power cord and connect it to the printer. Now follow the given steps for printer setup:

  1. Press the power button of HP printer
  2. Wait until printer show-ready state
  3. Take the USB cable and connect to the printer
  4. Check the USB port on the PC
  5. Connect the USB to the computer

If your computer doesn't have a USB port then you have to go for a wireless setup. If you don’t have a printer driver on your PC then you disconnect the USB cable and install the printer driver first. You should also remove older printers from the PC. Go to the Devices and navigate to the Control Panel. Select the Devices and Printers and you will get a list of connected printers. Right-click on the printer model you want to delete. After removing the printer, you need to install the driver.Installing HP printer driver and setting up the connection HP also provides a driver CD but you can only use it when you have a CD drive. Insert the CD and wait until an HP setup wizard appears on the screen. Click on the Wizard and it will check for the resources. Wait for some time and a Next screen will appear. Follow the on-screen commands for completing the driver installation process. After installing the driver, you can easily set the printer.

If your device doesn’t have a CD drive then you have to install the driver from HP website. Follow the given steps for the installing printer driver:

  • Go to the web browser
  • Search for HP printer
  • Go to Drivers
  • Check the driver for your printer model
  • HP printer driver will appear on the screen
  • Hit the Download button
  • Now you have to wait until the driver gets download
  • Go to the downloads and click on driver setup
  • Setup will check for the resources

Now follow the on-screen commands for completing the HP printer driver installation process. After installing the driver, restart your device and connect the USB cable. Go to the Printers and check for your printer whether the printer is available or not. 

Steps for taking printout in HP printer:

After configuring and setting the printer, try taking a test printout. Follow the given steps for taking a printout:

  • On your PC, open the file you want to print
  • Press the Ctrl and P button from the keyboard
  • The printing wizard will appear on the screen
  • A list of printers will appear
  • Click on the HP printer

You can also set the number of copies, color set up according to your requirement. Now hit the Print button. Your HP printer will start printing. In case the printer is showing any kind of error then you should ask the HP printer technical team for help.

How to reset the password on your HP wireless printer?

If you are using a wireless HP printer then you should always reset the HP Printer Default Password. If you don’t change the password of your printer regularly then anyone on the network can use the printer. You can easily change the password of your HP printer by following the mentioned steps:

  1. On your HP printer, go to Home menu
  2. Click the Right arrow and choose Setup menu
  3. Choose Network
  4. Press the down arrow key and choose Restore Network Default
  5. Hit the Yes button
  6. After restoring the default password, go to the Control Panel of your PC
  7. Click on Devices and Printers
  8. Right-click on HP printer option
  9. Go to Properties
  10. Select the Password Option
  11. Type new password for your HP printer

Save all the changes. After changing the password on your HP printer, you can use your HP printer securely. If you have any query or you are getting into any kind of error with HP printer settings then ask the technical team for help.