August 13, 2021

Zoe Aspect of The Twilight

Zoe is an aspect of the heralding of change in Runeterra the setting of League of Legends. She is one of the most fun champions to play in League of Legends. You can get a build for Zoe here. Zoe started off as a care free and mischievous girl and was turned into a god like being by the powers of the Aspect.

Cyber Pop Zoe Skin Splash Art

Zoe has 4 abilities.

  • Paddle Star - A skill shot that can change direction mid flight that does more damage the further it travels.
  • Spell thief - A skill that allows you to copy enemy summoner spells and item actives in combat.
  • Sleepy Bubble Trouble - A skill shot that puts an enemy champion to sleep and sets them up for a combo with Paddle Star for Double Damage.
  • Portal Jump - An utility ultimate that allows Zoe to temporatory re-position. This skill naturally aids Zoe's other 3 abilities.

Zoe's passive of More Sparkles! Is an Lich Bane style effect that allows Zoe to take towers exceptionally quickly by converting her AP damage into auto attack damage.

Zoe has a strong lvl 3 early game, snipers enemy champions before team fights even start and can trash undefended towers.

Zoe is a pretty cool champion to main.

Loading Art for Cyber Pop Zoe