March 7, 2020

Sagittarius - Horoscope for 2020

January 2-5, January 12-15:

  • Great prospect for the whole year.
  • Focus on the main tasks and goals.
  • Cash sales are tied to the past.
  • Serious commitment to other people.
  • Getting rid of all the illusions, it is clear what to do.

January 27-29, February 23:

  • An important person for you emotionally.
  • Caring, tenderness.
  • Intuitive susceptibility to feelings, creativity, people.
  • Strong emotional wave.

February 18-21, March 18-31:

  • Big money projects.
  • Major deals and tasks.
  • You are directing people.
  • Very strong responsibility.
  • High level of commitment.
  • Cold focus on the target.
  • There is no place for spiritual themes.

April 7, 23-26, May 12-28:

  • You fully feel that you are moving into new horizons, into a new life.
  • New acquaintances, personal life.
  • The feeling of freedom, the desire for travel, movement.
  • Demo version of what will happen in November and next year.
  • New work projects.

June 5th:

  • Completion of the life cycle of independence.
  • Fatigue from work, loneliness, independence, the role of a strong person.

June 21, July 28-30:

  • A wave of strong emotions, love.
  • People are ready to enter into a relationship.
  • The need to be emotionally unstable.
  • Sacrifice to loved ones.

August 9-19:

  • Hot temper, frantic energy.
  • A lot of confusion and randomness.
  • Try to restrain yourself.

December 24th:

  • Inaccuracy in money.
  • Be careful with investments and people.
  • A lot of unverified information.
  • Inefficiency.
  • Too crude project.

December 17-26:

  • I want a change.
  • You are entering a new world of the future.
  • Relations, work, projects, dating, communication.
  • Breath of fresh air.