A weekend getaway to the Mayan Riviera

Looking for a place to rest, enjoy a beautiful view, delicious food, and an excellent climate? My wife and I were looking the same to get out of the routine, and traveling is always an excellent medicine for the soul. That's why we decided to spend a weekend in the Riviera Maya.

For some years, my wife and I have traveled to different parts of the world, the routine is one of the biggest problems of a couple, but traveling is the best option to break with the routine and dedicate time to the couple.

For several days we were reading and investigating the best way to take advantage of our stay of only 3 days, and then I share a little of our experience in the Riviera Maya, specifically TULUM.

Tulum is a paradisiacal destination located in southeastern Mexico, just minutes from Cancun, one of the most popular destinations in the world.

What particularly attracted us to Tulum is nature. The peculiar way in which in this fabulous destination you can find culture, peace, and tranquility. Where the fantastic Mayan ruins and beautiful beaches are combined.

1. Find an Airbnb instead of a hotel

One thing we noticed from the first instance, is that the price of hotels in Tulum can be a bit high, no doubt offer a great experience, first-class facilities, and an excellent service, but if you prefer to travel without spending so much money, your best option is to find an Airbnb, and there is to choose! We arrived at a very comfortable house where Marc, a very kind person, took care of us.

2. Hire a private transportation service

As mentioned before, Tulum is several minutes away from Cancun's international airport, and by recommendation of some very close friends, we could realize that if we hired a shared transportation service, even though it was cheaper, the arrival time to our hotel almost doubled! We decided to contract our service with a local company called eTransfers, and they offered us an excellent service. Also it's a great option to rent a car in Cancun.

3. Make a travel plan

There are several wonderful places to visit and get to know in Tulum and all the Riviera Maya, so making your travel plan with schedules and routes will help you better organize your time and make the most of it! We were able to do between 2 and 3 activities a day.

Tulum left us a good memory, so without a doubt, we would love to come back soon to this little piece of paradise.