December 5, 2020

Am I able to cancel my flight on Southwest Airlines?

A simple guide to cancel the flight on Southwest Airlines:
Southwest Airlines provides the chance to cancel the flight ticket online to its passengers. You’ll now cancel your flight ticket by following the method that we'll be mentioning below.

The method is sort of easy to know.
The process of canceling the flight in Southwest, Airlines:

• Open the online browser and attend the official website of Southwest Airlines.
• You'll see a box on the house page during which you'll see the choice of “Change/Cancel.”
• You'll need to click thereon, then you'll see the menu during which you'll need to enter the confirmation number, given name, and name .
• Click on the Search, and you'll now choose the itinerary that you simply got to cancel.
• You’ll click on the “Edit booking” option, then you'll cancel your flight by clicking on the “Cancel flight” tab.
• you'll now need to choose the rationale for canceling the flight.
• Eventually, you'll receive the confirmation email on your registered email address about the changes you've got made in your itinerary.
This is the method of cancellation of the flight ticket in Southwest Airlines. You’ll choose reading the Southwest Airlines cancelation Policy before you cancel your flight. The customer care executives are going to be ready to assist you in their absolute best manner.