November 10, 2019

Gamer Trick: The Automatic Mouse Clicker For Games

Some games depend on highly repetitive actions. If you’re extremely bored, or passionate about the game you’re playing, you won’t mind. Otherwise you’ll quickly be drumming your feet and typing with your head.

There’s a way to automate these actions, to initiate a sequence of mouse and keyboard clicks that’ll do those actions for you. These are called macro’s, or trainers if they’re game-specific.

Watch out. These trainers should not be used unconditionally. Download mouse clicker for games (MMORPG’s and the like) is not only unfair to other players, it’s criminal. By breaking those games’ Terms of Service, you can get a permanent ban, and no refund. There’s a very special place in hell for online cheaters.

Making Simple Macro’s – AutoIt

Very simple games will allow the use of simple macro’s. These are little pieces of code that execute, or repeat specific mouse-clicking or key-pressing sequences. If you ever learn to code these macro’s yourself, the possibilities are endless but for this purpose, we will still keep things simple.

Note that there aren’t a lot of games that’ll allow you to take advantage of an automatic mouse clicker for games. Macro’s will remember where on the screen to click, not on what to click. If you’ve got a character that moves around, and a constant need for reorientation in your surroundings, this will not work.

Before you go on, I highly recommend you to read Guy McDowell’s article on AutoIt. In it, he’ll explain where to go, and how to record a personal sequence. More importantly, he explains this in a lot more detail than I will.

Stubborn, are you? You can start by opening SciTE. This application is located in the AutoIt folder under the Start menu, and we’ll use it to “program” our macro.

In SciTE, you can open the recorder under Tools->AU3Recorder. In our case, this little tool will completely remove the need for programming wizardry.

The concept is incredibly simple. After you press the blue icon, AU3Record will map all the places you click and all the keys you press until you stop the recording. Whatever repetitive gaming action you need to have done, do so now.

Once done with recording, you’ll be left with a (very complicated) script. Note that this recording will only play once when initiated. If you want your recording to repeat, you’ll have to tweak some things yourself.

To add a longer, but finite loop, you’ll need to nest your script into the following code. Simply said, replace <script> with your recording, and <stop> with the number of times you want your sequence to be repeated.

For $1 = 1 to <stop>



MsgBox(0,””, “Finished Macro”)

The first line says that the sequence can repeat, until it reaches the value of <stop>, every time running <script>. If the sequence tries to repeat after that, it’ll be referred to Next; a message box telling you that the macro has finished running.

To add an infinite loop, you’ll need to nest your script into the following code. Again, replacing <script> with your recording.

while 1 = 1



Remember, you’ll only be able to use this with very simple games.

Downloading Advanced Training Algorithms

For more advanced games, there’s another option still. On the internet, you’ll be able to find more complicated algorithms and applications that’ll be able to flex themselves to find relevant objects on the screen, instead of just hitting a fixed point in the air. Obviously, most people won’t be able to code something like this themselves, but these applications, labeled ‘trainers’, can be found on the internet.

You’ll be able to find a limited number of them on GameCopyWorld. There are also trainers that simply ‘speed up’ the advancements, instead of doing those actions for you, but we won’t be discussing those in this article. Another possible source is MegaGames.

For all other, you’ll have to hit Google. Mind, you shouldn’t try downloading trainers for World of Warcraft, Runescape, or the like. If you go off breaking their Terms of Service and get a ban, it’s your own fault. Hell, it’d be nothing more than justice.

I hope you’ve had some use of this post. Do you know any other tips to make gamers comfortable? Let us know your suggestions in the comments section below.