December 30, 2020

How Corona Virus Disease Covens

Corona Virus disease is a highly contagious viral infection caused by a group of strains of the Corona virus family. Although there are twenty different types of Corona Virus, most of them can be spread through direct contact or indirect touching of an infected person or object. It is typically transmitted through crowded places such as nursing homes, schools, orphanages and hospitals. Often, the disease occurs in children and elderly people who have weaker immune systems. Due to its high fatality rate, Corona Virus disease is also considered a silent chronic condition.


Symptoms of Corona Virus disease generally occur during the first two weeks of development in an infant or baby. They generally begin with a high fever, a loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting and then diarrhea. There may be intermittent claudication (difficulties in speaking or swallowing) and contracture (a condition wherein the soft tissue around the neck and throat contract). These symptoms usually intensify in the later stages of the disease.


Treatment for Corona Virus disease is based on the stage that a patient is currently in. There are four stages. The first stage is known as infection or initial infection. The second stage is recognized as secondary infection, which is a progression of the initial infection. The third stage is characterized by progressive kidney failure and the fourth stage is the fatal stage wherein death occurs if no treatment is administered.


Corona Virus disease can be prevented by preventing direct contact with an infected individual or object. Individuals who frequently perform contact with animals or children who play in areas where animals are present should be vaccinated or receive hand-washing prior to being permitted to attend school or care facility.

Individuals who are older or who have a history of cancer in their families should also consider receiving a vaccination or immunization. Cancer survivors are advised to receive care from a doctor or cancer specialist.

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Medication and Vaccination Of Corona Virus

The only medications that have been proven to effectively cure this disease are the antigens injected into the patient's lymph nodes. However, these medications are only effective during the first 24 hours after infection. 

Once the disease has taken hold in the body the only way to prevent the virus from spreading to other individuals or to objects that come into contact with the patient is through special prevention measures. A medical alarm or decongestant can be used to help keep the airways open in order to facilitate breathing. This is done whenever the patient feels any type of symptoms associated with the illness.

Corona Virus disease is not contagious, but the risks of passing the illness on to another person or animal are still present. Anyone who becomes infected must receive diagnosis and treatment as quickly as possible. Recovery times for those who survive the initial illness are relatively short. If the illness is not treated adequately it can result in death.