January 6, 2021

I decided to test the program myselfand document my results here

If anyone is unfamiliar with Day Trading Robot, this is analgorithmic analytical stock program which is designed to anticipatetrends in the market before they happen. Many traders have beenquestioning whether or not this program backs up its claims ofdelivering profitable picks, so I decided to test the program myselfand document my results here.

I'll begin this Day Trading Robot review by explaining a bit howit works to form its picks. I briefly touched on this, but thissystem makes picks exclusively based on algorithms which are in turnbased on 23 winning trading techniques contributed by an experttrader himself. They analyze real time market data around the clockand comb through it all to look for profitable opportunities. Onceit's made its picks it delivers them right to your email account sothat you know exactly what and when to trade.

I began trading Day Trading Robot's recommended stocks each day inthe beginning through a demo account so as not to Wholesale 3 axis servo robot arm risk any real moneybefore confirming or debunking this system's capability. I found thatin the first 10 picks which were generated and I traded, 8 turned outto be winners. I recommend that if you have the time that you enactevery single trade which Day Trading Robot generates for you as itobviously doesn't win EVERY single trade, but it wins the vastmajority of its picks and the gains for outweigh the losses and thensome, so to truly profit you should again enact every recommendedtrade which Day Trading Robot generates for you.

With the economy finally turning around, I've found Day TradingRobot to be ideal at picking out bottomed out stocks as well asdifferentiating between those which have bottomed out and which arestill dropping. This is a particularly recommendable program for newtraders who don't have extensive experience with predicting trendsand reading market data. As all of the work is already done for you,all you've got to do is enact the trades using an online tradingaccount to see a profit.