October 19, 2019

I'm getting married .. help! And now?

Yes! Yes, yes! Engaged! Congratulations on your engagement.

A beautiful and exciting time is coming. So much to do, but where do you start now? We help you on your way.

On the way to the perfect wedding anniversary

Dreams come

true Have you dreamed for years of a beautiful wedding day with your best friend, partner, and lover? Go and fantasize together what your wedding will look like. Which theme, where, and who is present? Put everything on paper.

The whole world may know

Visiting parents and in-laws, and say goodbye to your friends. Everyone can know, whole!

Giving notice of marriage Regelwerk is also part of getting married. You can do the banns with a few months, make sure you do this on time. And then, celebrate it together with a dinner for two! Click here for a destination wedding planner in Udaipur.

Who is invited and who is not?
Make a list of all the people you know. Friends, girlfriends, family, acquaintances, colleagues, etc. If you want a large wedding with a lot of people, then making such a list is not that difficult. But if you prefer an intimate wedding, you will have to cancel. Only put the people on the list that you really don't want to miss your wedding.

Search the internet for beautiful wedding cards, or have a wedding card designed especially for you. Personal cards are the best, so put a nice photo of the two of you on the card or a nice quote. You can hire an event planner to make a memorable wedding. click here to get an event planner in Udaipur.

The wedding Location Where do you want to get married? In the town hall or at a unique, special location? Nowadays almost everything is possible, from the zoo to your own backyard. Go and have a look around and choose a place that has special meaning for both of you. Maybe a little castle in which garden you have often walked?

Choosing the photographer, You keep the photos forever, so choose a good photographer who is well known and has a nice portfolio. This is one of the things you better not save on, but better opt for professionalism.

Also, agree who makes the photo album. It saves a lot of time if the photographer does it for you, but if you are handy and a little creative, then you can probably do it yourself.

Shop your stuff! Now there are very nice things that need to be done. Finding your wedding dress with shoes, tiara and the whole milk mak together. And .. wedding items! Find cool party items that make your wedding unique. A beautiful ring pillow, an original guestbook, and garlands, decorations, wedding favors, etc.

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