November 26, 2020

Ayurvedic Treatment for Diabetes

Ayurvedic treatment for Diabetes is not just about medicine routine that you have blindly follow. It’s a comprehensive package which includes diet, lifestyle, exercise and herbs. And in this blog we are going to focus on diet.

Do you restrain yourself from eating your favorite foods just because you are suffering from diabetes? You think you have to follow strict boring diet to control your blood sugar levels and are fed up of it? You are among those who think diet food has to be dull? You are the one who thinks taste and health can’t go along well?

Then my friend you have come at the right place…

What you eat, quantity, timing of meals is extremely important in chronic diseases like Diabetes. It is a lifelong condition that may take years to cure and well managed with proper medication, careful diet selection and exercise regime under the supervision of your physician.

First of all, have a proper balanced diet which includes cereals, pulses, fruits and vegetables. In cereals you can opt for jowar, bajra, barley or oats which are far healthier options over rice as they allow carbohydrate to absorb slowly. So your blood sugar level doesn’t shoot up.

You have to monitor protein intake also as too much protein might overload the kidneys. Uncontrolled diabetes is one of the major reasons behind kidney damage and subsequent kidney failure. So, take only one source of protein in each meal like you can go for dal at one time and milk or curd in other meal.

Consume lots of fibre rich fruits and vegetables which help to lower blood sugar levels as they have low glycemic index and lead to a gradual increase in blood sugar levels. You can definitely try fibre rich soups and salads. Restrict fruit juices and fruits like banana, mango, Chickoo which have high sugar content. Starchy foods also need to be avoided as these again increase the blood sugar levels rapidly. Avoid processed and refined foods such as Maida, noodles, biscuits etc. as they again have high glycemic index and can immediately shoot up your sugar levels. Avoid carbonated beverages and alcohol as they provide no real nutrients but only calories that can increase weight.

We have much healthier and diabetic friendly drinks and smoothies to compensate for cold drinks and juices. In this blog I would share recipe of one such smoothie.

Pumpkin Smoothie


10 gm Pumpkin, 5 gm fresh coconut, 4 to 5 rose petals, 1 cardamom.


• Add ripened pumpkin and coconut along with water and blend it well in food processor.

• Add cardamom and rose petals for flavor.

• Can sieve it (optional).

• Smoothie is ready to drink.


Oats and flax-seed are both high in dietary fiber and they also provide several vitamins and minerals. Oatmeal is a fat-free, cholesterol-free and sodium-free food.


• 1 cup grounded, uncooked, plain oats

• 2 frozen banana cut into small chunks

• 3 cup skimmed milk

• 2 Tbsp ground flax-seed

• Stevia, honey, jaggery or any other sugar substitute (Optional)

• 2 tsp instant coffee (optional)


1. Mix all ingredients and blend with processor.

2. Pour Oatmeal Breakfast Smoothie into a glass and enjoy OR you can add cut fruits to it to enhance the taste.

Enjoy your smoothie without any guilt or worry of your sugar levels. Ayurvedic Treatment for Diabetes also the best treatment in ayurveda that control your diabetes.