January 28, 2020

Toronto Medispa promotion

We started working with Olivera in April, 2019. The work continued for 5 months. In the beginning Olivera did not get many inquieries in Instagram. This is the way the page looked when we started and the way it looks now

What we did:

  1. We changed the profile photo, made it look more professional
  2. We changed the profile name, as it also is important during the search. We also decided to focus on personal brand of the aesthetician. Olivera is great, she got many reviews from her clients and it really increased the trust of neew followers.
  3. Chanded the bio, added highlights: feedback, tips, treatments, results, pricelist etc. We also changed the design of the feed, highlighting expert posts

From the very beginning we engaged with new followers, asked about their concerns regarding skincare and offered a free consultation, the offer showed great results, because Olivera was really nice to every follower.

Everyday we made posts about skincare, "before and after" pictures, skincare tips, skincare problems, clients stories and personal posts.

Results: the number of page visits increased from 50 to 1100 per week, the number of followers increased (plus 1000) People started to book online and through DMs. Olivera (the aesthetician) is very happy with the way her business changed. Now she still continues to get clients through instagram. This is her feedback

My name is Aza Kishnyarova

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