20 ideas for stories

  1. The picture of the product or service and its price
  2. Full description of the service or product. For example, steps of microblading treatment Step 1 – Consultation – Natural eyebrow analysis. ...Step 2 – Measurements. ...Step 3 – Pencil. ...Step 4 – Mixing the colour. ...Step 5 – Tattooing. ...Step 6 – Time to heal. ...Step 7 – Touch up session. 1 step - 1 story.
  3. Speak of the trends in your niche
  4. Use the upper method for all your treatments
  5. Series of stories with advice. For example: to get flawless skin 1. Use a right order of the skin care products 2 how much of a product you should apply 3 get professional facial once a month + adress, price, phone number
  6. Service of the day. Devote 1 day to full description of the service: benefits, who is a candidate, before and after, etc.
  7. Video feedback of the client
  8. Direct offer. Example: Do you need stunning eyelash extensions? Book now using a link or DM
  9. Show your working place
  10. Take a quiz - get $... off for ...
  11. Do a quiz in series of stories
  12. Video during a treatment with the description. Pay attention to the fears of your potential clients (example: does it hurt? How long does it last? Is it safe?)
  13. Show the equipment you use and materials. Explain why it is safe
  14. Open hours for next week /month
  15. Client’s feedback (screen)
  16. A discount Promo code valid only 1 day, book any future date
  17. Preparation before a treatment. Example: Show that everything is sterile and that you use disposable single use pens
  18. Show your certificates and diplomas
  19. Tell your followers how many clients you had over the last years
  20. Explain why the treatment is so popular nowadays

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