November 12, 2020

Fully booked 2 months in advance PMU artist from Destin, Florida

This is how the pmu artist's page looked when we started the cooperation and how we changed it.

Now there are more than 3000 followers, mostly from Destin. We attract only local people, that might be interested in getting pmu services done. We focused much on the expertise of the artist. First of all we prepared the page

  1. Changed the profile picture
  2. Profile name and the bio, made more convirtible

We defined the ideal clients, created content plan focusing on potential clients' fears and objections. Everyday the followers see that there are many clients that visit Marianna, they see their feedback and a lot of clients that want to book in comments.

We started to promote the page with paid ads and engage with every follower wending them DM with a special offer and a deadline

Marianna is fully booked 2 months in advance, check out her feedback

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