Biggest AI Challenges in B2B - 1

Inadequate infrastructure

To have a successful AI-driven marketing strategy you need to have a strong IT infrastructure. AI technology can process large amounts of data and requires highly efficient hardware instead. Therefore, you need to make sure that your computer systems are fully functioning and running smoothly, which is especially important for small companies with a more reasonable IT budget.

Fortunately, there is also an alternative to overcome this hurdle and that is cloud based solutions. In exchange for a reasonable monthly or annual fee, cloud software vendors will provide you with the entire IT infrastructure and staff you need to run AI marketing software. These cloud services are the perfect solution for businesses that have inadequate IT infrastructure to build in-house systems.

Having poor data quality

AI works by feeding on high-quality data. Poor quality or insufficient amount of data will result in low quality of AI software. Companies Nowadays we are compiling an increasing amount of data due to the growing big data world, but often the data is not the right kind or irrelevant to run a successful AI marketing strategy.

To ensure that the AI ​​results do not fall into the trap, stakeholders must clean up their existing data sets and make sure that the data that is compiled is of high quality.