October 6, 2020

Get Conversation into Conversion With Chatbots | Deck7

Want to overcome the traditional ways of engaging customers?

Of course, every modern marketer wants to personalize brand messaging, perform outreach, and deliver support to prospects and customers in this growing digital age.

But how? Let’s figure it out in this article.

Marketing in the 2000s was dominated by Search Engine Marketing and Optimization. The early 2010s saw the rise of Facebook and social media marketing. But today, it’s all about personalization. It’s all about capitalizing on business with the current conversational trend – chatbots and live chats to provide a personalized experience by communicating with the customers.

Have you ever noticed it? When you visit a website and within seconds a chat window pops up, offering to help you out.

That’s a chatbot in motion.

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Why Should Marketers Use Chatbots?

According to research by Econsultancy, 83% of customers admit that they need prompt assistance during their online buying journey. And in the absence of this assistance, they exit. AI-powered technology – chatbots come as a relief by driving interaction between services and customers.

In recent years, chatbots have become the buzzword when it comes to modern marketing or business. It runs on artificial intelligence technology so they have AI-equipped smart features needed to compile data, analyze it, and make an informed decision based on it.

A study of Oracle states that 80% of businesses will be using chatbots by 2020. Chatbots will storm the internet, marketing, and sales departments by having a real conversation with the user. Still, there has been a lot of debate about the capability of chatbots, but if this technology is properly executed, it can serve as an engagement driver and lead generator to jumpstart the sales cycle.

According to the content strategist Brian Barr, chatbots act as a salesperson long before the customer's conversation with an actual salesperson. “The best thing about the chatbot is that they give you an automated cost-effective way to communicate with your customers in a way that is more direct and personal than ever before.” Brian writes.

Why Catboats Will Be a Crucial Parameter for Your Modern Marketing Strategy?

Chatbots are intuitive and engaging. One can instantly hook up to the idea of a chatbot for digital marketing. Let’s understand the five ways to use chatbots for marketing and sales.

Improve Customer Service Experience

When you meet someone for the first time and they address you by your name, you get the impression that they know you from somewhere. Chatbot applications are programmed to identify customers by their personal interactions.

In many cases, customers require urgent answers with a one-on-one conversation. Chatbots are perfect tools to satisfy customer requirements. Often, good customer service after a sale can cut down customer trust issues and convert a first-time buyer into a life-long customer.

Quick response, accurate response, and an answer to all customer queries, this is what a customer expects when they visit your website. All these services can be given by chatbots. Having recorded customer interactions over time, the chatbot is able to engage them in a two-way conversation….Read More

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