October 9, 2020

Important Components of a Lead Generation 2020-21 | Deck7

More than 79% of marketing leads don’t convert into sales with the lack of lead nurturing as the leading cause. This proves that having a B2B lead generation strategy is just not enough to move ahead in the sales funnel. Acknowledging every component of it is equally important to reach your target audience and convert them into qualified leads with various marketing efforts. Listed below are some of the most important components that should be a part of your B2B lead gen strategy.

Paid Advertising

Ever since digital marketing has developed, paid advertising has become a fundamental part of it. Lead generation efforts done through this medium helps you reach your potential leads at the right time. Some of the requisites of this marketing activity include:

·        using the right target keywords

·        putting out ads in different formats

·        including a call-to-action (CTA) in all your ads

Pop-up Forms and Landing Pages

One of the best ways to direct a qualified lead towards you is through a lead capture form and pop-up forms. Generating leads through this component becomes easier as you are able to collect the required information and convey your message to the audience in a short and simpler manner.

Quality Leads

Your B2B lead generation marketing activities will only be lucrative if you manage to gather quality leads. Having just a database of leads who would not invest in your product/service is not your ideal customer database. This component is essential for your success since you will be able to grow only if you have high paying, quality customers. The two main types of leads that are most prominent in a lead cycle are:

Marketing qualified lead (MQL) - This is a lead that is more likely to convert to a customer as compared to other leads. The judgment if this lead would invest in your product /service is done by the interaction it has with your content, how many times does it visit your webpage and other such instances. Sales qualified lead (SQL) - An SQL is a prospective customer that has been considered fit according to the ideal customer profile by your organization. It is a lead that has gone beyond the engagement stage, has also interacted with your company's representative showing interest in your product /service….read more

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