November 2, 2020

pie charts

The pie charts demonstrate total value (in Billions of Dollars) and sources of fish, which was imported to the USA in 1988, 1992 and 2000 from China, Canada and other countries.

Overall, the value of fish have increased almost double between provided periods from 6.57 billion dollars in 1988 to 10.72 in 2000 and China have gived the sourse of fish less than others resources.

At the start of the period, sources of fish which provided Canada was 60%. Likewise, Canada gived more than China and other countries almost double (13% and 27%)

At the end of the period, the total value was 10.72 billion dollars. According to the provided information by last pie chart, other countries have gived 42%. The percentage from Canada and China was 28 and 30% and source of fish which provided Canada fall from 60% in 1988 to 28 in 2002.