July 15, 2020

прочти сей эссешку и стань ещё тупее.

In the era of globalization and modern technologies, the number of people who anticipate that public libraries should finance to DVDs, software and videos have increased. I completely agree that they should invest to high-tech media.

First of all, numerous studies have consistently found that a lot of public libraries throughout the world have been spending money to high-tech equipment such as video, DVD and software since 2010 because these media resources can provide good proceeds. Moreover, if libraries provided new media technologies for their clients, it would enhance their economics. In fact, the vast majority of people who like visiting libraries prefer to study material on DVD or on other video resources. For instance, according to the provided information by UK scientists, some people do not like traditional materials such as books or magazines to explore something.

More importantly, information from books often have some inaccuracies. Undoubtedly, numerous public libraries had been providing disinformation for their clients until this revolution with high-tech media. Furthermore, software can give more suitable knowledge than books because information from internet always rechecked. To illustrate, if a person started to use internet to study something, he or she would have more exact information than from books. It is justifiable to say that software can provide the most exact knowledge in this decade.

In conclusion, this essay acknowledges that public libraries should spent money to high-tech media. As far as I am concerned, if all libraries had started to invest finance to modern media technologies, now they would have good information resources.