July 12, 2020

утиные истории

In the era of globalization and modern technologies, numerous universities have preferred course work and projects than formal examinations. I am a strong advocate of this approach and benefits of it will be covered in this essay.

First of all, numerous studies have consistently found that students should pass continual assessments, instead of formal exams. Moreover, the vast majority of universities have been preferring course works and projects since 2010 year. The main reason is that these types of exams have fair system. For instance, if a student passed course works or projects, he or she would receive the most suitable mark. In fact, it is justifiable to say that having uncomprehended continual assessments, a lot of universities used to prefer other analogies of exams. Moreover, only after accepting this type of exam did people comprehend how to use their scores correctly.

The second positive aspect, formal tests such as IQ or UiIF not available for some part of people. Indeed, IQ test was free until 2007 year and all people throughout the world could passed this exam. Furthermore, course works or projects more available than IQ or UilF in this decade. From my point of view, free tests are paramount in this era because a lot of people do not have money for some exams. Moreover, numerous people had been preferring IQ test until 2007 year. Despite to this factor students also do not like IQ test because this exam less fair than course work or projects.

In conclusion, this essay acknowledges that continual assessment has some positive aspects. As far as I am concerned, if all universities had started testing this type of exam, now world would have had a lot of qualified people.