July 21, 2020


In the era of globalization and modern technologies, the number of people who allege that it is complex to find balance between work and other parts of live have increased. I anticipate that suitable daily schedule can solve this problem.

Work versus leisure time always evokes interesting debates. First of all, numerous studies have consistently find that numerous people throughout the world do not have daily schedule, based on this, these people cannot combine their work and leisure time. Moreover, if people had the suitable graphic of day, they would enhance their productivity in the time of work and in the spare time. For instance, the vast majority of people have been using time-management since 2010 because this trend started in this decade. Indeed, it is justifiable to say that daily schedule can solve numerous problems and find suitable time for work and leisure time.

However, this problem can be solved by adopting and adhering to a strict work schedule. In fact, if all people throughout the world, which cannot find balance between work and other parts of life follow work schedule, they will solve this complex problems. To illustrate, the vast majority of people have plethora of time because they have suitable graphic of the work. Undoubtedly, only after accepting this statement did people comprehend how to use their work schedule correctly. Finally, there is ample evidence to suggest that good work graphic of work did solve a lot of problems with with a lack of time.

In conclusion, this essay acknowledges that daily schedule can solve these types of problems. As far as I am concerned, if all people had suitable daily schedule, now these people would find balance between work and leisure time.