Is it better if girls study together with boys at BIL?

This acute question about learning girls and boys together. It is argued that in BIL boys and girls learning apart. But from my point of view, students of 'Bilim-inovation school' should learning together. And i am a strong advocate of this approach, and the benefits of it will be covered in this essay.

Students of BIL should learning together because its provide motivation for studying something. If youngsters learned together, it would be able enhance then GPA. A lot off students which studying in BIL would be been in the numerous greatest university throughout the world. And numerous number students of BIL should improve our reputations.

It is argued that if girls and boys learning together it help to improve then speech skills with opposite sex. If teenagers spoke with another sex, it would be able help with for the future speech with his partner. And in the future we will get competent people of our school. And From my point of view, this is argument will provide the world new brand 'BIL'

So in this issue i provide some argument about studying girls and boys together. And If boys and girls studied together, it would be able interesting project.